A Review of Creed Tabarome Millésime Eau de Parfum

Creed Tabarome Millésime Eau de Parfum

Having sampled a few fragrances in my time, I’m always on the hunt to find a scent that sets me apart from the crowd. I’m no stranger to Creed and, unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you’ll no doubt be aware of their powerhouse that is Aventus. It enters the room well before the person wearing it, packing a punch that is hard to ignore. Creed’s Tabarome Millesime is different, and feels more sleight of hand than an outright brawler; perhaps influenced by its genesis, birthed by a renowned British statesman with an affinity for fine brandy and quality cigars. Tabarome’s name pays homage to the tobacco notes that infuse the fragrance with an air of English club elegance, a nod to the gentleman’s retreat where cigars and brandy are the epitome of refinement. The Millesime designation is particularly noteworthy, signifying that only the finest harvests have contributed to the scent’s creation. This attention to quality is evident in the rich, nuanced aromas that characterise Tabarome.

How Does It Smell?

Tabarome Millésime presents a scent profile that artfully balances modern assertiveness with an unexpected versatility, reflecting its classic heritage. The fragrance initiates with head notes of spicy ginger, offering an invigorating opening that is both sharp and enlivening. This initial zest is complemented by the citrusy brightness of bergamot and tangerine, adding a fresh and lively dimension to the top notes.

Transitioning to the heart of the fragrance, there is a masterful blend of tea and coffee notes, intermingling to create a warm and comforting core. This heart is enriched further by the inclusion of rum, adding a sophisticated, slightly sweet and intoxicating quality that elevates the scent’s complexity.

The base of Tabarome Millésime is where its true character is anchored. Rich and robust tobacco notes form the foundation, exuding a raw, masculine warmth that is both prominent and harmoniously integrated with the other elements. The tobacco’s natural, earthy tones are beautifully complemented by the creamy, woody nuances of sandalwood, which bring depth and longevity to the fragrance.

Finally, the scent settles into a long-lasting dry down that is both masculine and leathery, encapsulating the essence of timeless elegance. This indulgent base note combination results in a sophisticated and luxurious fragrance, ideal for those who appreciate the finesse of a classic, yet contemporary scent. Tabarome Millésime’s unique blend makes it lighter than other tobacco fragrances, and the warmth from the rum and coffee make it extremely appealing if you’re a fan of the liquid form of either.

When Should You Wear it?

This fragrance is not just for men; women who appreciate the scent’s masculine elegance will also find it appealing. Ideal for wearing in professional settings or social gatherings, Tabarome suits occasions where a confident, assertive presence is desired. It pairs exceptionally well with smart, tailored attire – think a well-fitted suit or a crisp, button-down shirt. The fragrance’s versatility also allows for more casual combinations, such as a classic leather jacket or a sophisticated knitwear ensemble. It’s warm enough to wear in the evenings, but has enough citrus zing to be a daily wearer too.

Creed Tabarome Millésime Eau de Parfum is a testament to the art of fine fragrance-making. It captures the essence of traditional luxury while remaining relevant in contemporary settings. Its blend of fresh, spicy, and woody notes creates a scent that is both powerful and approachable, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a signature fragrance that speaks of elegance and leadership. You can shop it here – at the time of writing a £265 investment will net you 100ml of a very fine, unique fragrance.

Creed Tabarome Millésime Eau de Parfum