5 Easy Summer Cocktails You Can Make in Minutes


As the mercury rises and the days lengthen, there’s no better way to cool off than with a refreshing cocktail. But who wants to spend hours muddling and measuring when you could be lounging by the pool? Fear not, fellow sun-worshippers. I’ve compiled a list of five simple yet sublime summer cocktails that’ll have you sipping in style faster than you can say “Is it happy hour yet?”


Aperol Spritz: The Ultimate Italian Summer Drink

This Italian classic is the perfect aperitif to kick off your summer soirées. Legend has it that cavemen were knocking these back before heading out to hunt woolly mammoths. While that might be a slight exaggeration, its refreshing taste is no myth.

Ingredients:  60ml Aperol | 90ml prosecco | 60ml club soda | Orange slices for garnish

Directions: Simply pour Aperol into a large wine glass filled with ice, add prosecco, and top off with club soda. Garnish with orange slices and pretend you’re people-watching in a Venetian piazza.


Mojito: A Refreshing Cuban Classic

Half the fun of a mojito is in its creation – it’s like arts and crafts, but with booze.

Ingredients: 60ml white rum | 15ml fresh lime juice | 1 tsp superfine sugar | 3 mint leaves | Club soda

Directions: In a Collins glass, muddle lime juice with sugar. Add mint leaves and mush them against the glass. Pour in rum, add the squeezed lime shell, and top with club soda. Voila! You’re basically Ernest Hemingway now.


Piña Colada: A Tropical Vacation in a Glass

Nothing says “I’m on vacation” quite like a Piña Colada – even if that vacation is just in your backyard.

Ingredients: 75ml rum | 90ml pineapple juice | 30ml coconut cream | Ice

Directions: Blend rum with pineapple juice and coconut cream. Add a cup of crushed ice and blend until smooth. Pour into a tall glass and garnish with tropical fruit. Tiny umbrella optional, but highly recommended.


Daiquiri: The Elegant Three-Ingredient Cocktail

Forget those slushy, syrupy monstrosities – a true daiquiri is elegance in a glass.

Ingredients: 60ml white rum | 15ml lime juice | 1/2 tsp superfine sugar

Directions: Shake rum with lime juice and sugar. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass and pretend you’re Hemingway. Again.


Caipirinha: Brazil’s National Cocktail

Brazil’s national cocktail will have you dancing the samba in no time.

Ingredients: 60ml cachaça | 1/2 lime | 2 tsp sugar

Directions: Muddle lime (cut into cubes) with sugar in an Old-Fashioned glass. Add cachaça and a couple of ice cubes. Stir and serve. Warning: may cause spontaneous bookings to Rio de Janeiro.


There you have it – five simple cocktails to keep you cool and merry all summer long. Remember, the key to a great cocktail is quality ingredients and a dash of creativity. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some important “research” to conduct by my pool. Cheers!

What’s Your Favorite Summer Cocktail?

Share your go-to summer drink in the comments below. Whether it’s one of these classics or your own special concoction, we’d love to hear about it!