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Jaguar XF SJaguar XF SJaguar XF SJaguar XF SJaguar XF SJaguar XF S

While it’s not a prerequisite in my choice of the finer things in life, if there is ever a chance to support British manufacturing then I am more than happy to get behind the cause. Step up the Jaguar XF S; perfect marriage of raw V6 power and luxury, wrapped in a beautiful exterior that is typically Jaguar.

Let’s deal with the mechanics first. The Jaguar XF S is a joy to drive; the Sports Suspension and Adaptive Dynamics work together to offer a very comfortable ride, all while giving you total control over the car. The Adaptive Dynamics is particularly clever; it analyses steering up to 500 times a second, and body movements up to 100 times, adjusting electronically controlled dampers to optimise XF’s suspension. That being said, the Jaguar XF S still lets you feel the road so the driving experience isn’t totally disconnected by electronics.

Now to the bits that you can see, and for me a key factor in any car. As a driver, I spend the majority of time behind the wheel and so the interior needs to match the performance. At £50,000 OTR, the Jaguar XF S is a fairly sizeable investment, but for that you do get a very refined interior. The Perforated Grained leather and suedecloth sports seats are an absolute joy to sit in while offering enough support to hold you in should you decide to test that 6.2 second 0-60 time. Then there’s the centre console, the InControl Touch Pro, which is the most advanced multimedia system Jaguar has ever offered. The 10.2-inch Touchscreen is an absolute monster, but the natural dialogue voice control means it is a doddle to switch between phone functions, multimedia functions and an all-new navigation system with a predictive navigation function. The way that the central gear selector rises out of the console as you push the Start/Stop button is a joy to behold too.

On the outside, the Jaguar styling is a little more discreet this time, although the S body styling is complemented with red brake calipers, twin exhausts, and a sleek rear spoiler which all give it a slightly edgier look. The 19-inch alloy wheels have been tweaked to give it that S wow factor, wrapped in low profile tyres that are assisted by a Unique All Surface Progress Control (ASPC); a low speed cruise control that gives added confidence in slippery conditions. It is a great car to look at, while being discreet enough to blend into the surrounding environment should you choose to.

The Jaguar XF S is most definitely a car that sits on the boundary of performance and practicality; with enough comfort and technology to make the driving experience a real pleasure, but having enough raw power in the engine to help you go fast should your right foot feel a bit heavy. If there ever an excuse to buy British, this could be it.

Photography by Sikh and Dread.

This post was written in collaboration with Jaguar. All views and opinions are my own.

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