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Man 2.0. Very different to the men of yesteryear, the modern male blurs the boundaries when it comes to self-preservation and skincare. While it was once a taboo to delve into the science of moisturisers and eye masks, we are now much more comfortable with raiding the bathroom cupboards of the fairer sex in our pursuit of more perfect skin. However, along with the obvious addition of more active hair follicles, male skin is very much a different proposition to female skin. Heaven Skincare have acknowledged this and created an equally astonishing product range, wrapped it in black, and tailored it for the modern gentleman. 

The vision of Deborah Mitchell; Heaven Skincare has already gained a mass following amongst the female population, with its patented bee venom ingredients gracing the faces of celebrities and royalty for years. With the new men’s product range, everything is simplified and specifically formulated to tackle the problems that every man faces. Less headaches and less irritation are both big selling points. 

The product range is split into three steps; 1, 2 and 3. Step 1 involves a Pre-Shave Scrub. Designed to release hair follicles and soften the skin, it is the perfect preparation for a close shave. I found it to be the perfect partner for the SOS Shave Oil, which handily kills any microbes on the skin whilst also providing vital under-beard nourishment. This is an area often overlooked, so it’s refreshing to see the bearded man being catered for.

Step 2 then follows. Post-shave, you have two options. The Post Shave Refining Hydrogel is perfect for the clumsier hands. With sandalwood extract, it helps heal those nicks ands cuts you may inflict on your bleary-eyed self at 7am in the morning. If, unlike myself, you are slightly more accurate with your stroke of the blade before sunrise, then the Post Shave Cooling & Soothing Hydrogel will make you feel truly alive. Hints of peppermint help reduce the puffiness of eyes and the scent alone is invigorating at any time of day.

If you’ve made it to Step 3, then you’re in for a treat. Heaven’s flagship Bee Venom Mask is a real showstopper; it’s botox-like qualities come without the needles and you can really feel the mask tightening the skin as you let it sink in. I found it particularly useful around the corner of my eyes and my forehead, with visible results after just a couple of uses. At the age of 26 I’m hoping that I don’t have to turn the clock back just yet, but it’s great to have such a unique product in my arsenal when the big 3-0 passes me by.

The Heaven Skincare men’s collection is a truly refreshing approach to male skincare. It packages complex ingredients into an approachable mix-and-match product range, delivering a male grooming routine in three simple steps. If there was ever an opportunity to treat your face to some well-deserved pampering, this may be it.

*This post has been written in collaboration with Heaven Skincare*


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