Goodwood: Festival of Speed

I like cars. I’m not the type of enthusiast who knows every detail of every car ever made, but I like to go fast, and there is something aesthetically pleasing about seeing a machine designed to look good too. So when Infiniti invited me as a VIP Guest to the Goodwood Festival of Speed, and gave me the opportunity to climb the famous Goodwood Hill in their Q50, I couldn’t say no.

We started the day at the Infiniti showroom. Alongside some of the current models, we glimpsed a rather impressive concept car (great lines on the prototype bodywork), and the eagerly anticipated Q30; albeit hidden in the Infiniti box. The Q30 could be the hot hatchback of 2015, so I’m eagerly anticipating it’s full unveiling in Frankfurt in September. 

Then came the test drive. Three minutes of driving at a very high speed up the Goodwood hill was an incredible experience. This should be the cue for me to say “look at these fantastic photos of me driving”, but unfortunately driving and camera-work are not a good combination. My adrenaline rush had been achieved just after the big hand had passed nine on the clock; it had been a busy morning already. 

There are some great exhibitions at Goodwood. Even if you’re not a huge fan of the auto industry, there is plenty to admire. Some of the cars and the environments around them were simply breathtaking, and the weather wasn’t too bad either. A great day to be outside.

Land Rover certainly had a unique demonstration underway as we arrived at their stall, and after seeing Jurassic World I couldn’t help but draw comparisons as I was introduced to the “testing range” for it’s vehicles. It was a strange cross between Alton Towers and the prehistoric park, with automated and natural obstacles greeting the slow-moving cars. 

Honda opted for a slightly different approach, taking inspiration from the child-like thrills of toy cars. They certainly made an impression, although I decided against going inside the boxes on such a hot day.

The remaining hours were spent wandering through the endless collections of cars. There were supercars, classic cars, hypercars and even NASCAR on show. The roar of engines filled the blue sky as I began to feel like a real petrolhead. It was great to see the workmanship and design that had gone into both the modern and classic cars, and marvel at the thought of the very first cars (think 1903) trundling along dirt roads and bewildering a nation.

It was a truly fantastic day, even just to be outdoors, and I highly recommend a trip to the Goodwood Festival of Speed. A huge thanks to Infiniti for hosting me and remember to keep your eyes peeled for the new Q30 in September!

What is your favourite car to drive? Is there a dream car that you want to own?


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