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When travelling across the continent, you can always try to look a million dollars in what you wear; yet if you are lugging around a huge slab of plastic in Terminal 5 then it can overshadow that carefully chosen attire. Luckily for me, I am a fairly light packer, and so on my most recent trip to Turkey and the Aegean Sea, I was able to take advantage of this compact suitcase from Revelation London.

The Jude 4 Wheel is a great little suitcase. As well as being scratch resistant, it is incredibly lightweight, but also super-strong so it’ll survive anything that the baggage handlers (legally) do with it. The ridged, high-shine design, helps you stand out from the crowd; and more importantly, stand out on the baggage claim carousel.

The rubberised comfort handles on both the top and the side, mean that the suitcase is easy and comfortable to move, perfect for navigating any airport or cobbled street. It is also worth mentioning that there are four wheels, making the suitcase much lighter to handle on smooth surfaces.

I opted for the gloss black design whilst the Lady went for pearl white. Both were identical in build, but I felt that each colour reflected our personalities well.

Jude Black 4 Wheel Medium – Revelation London // Jude White 4 Wheel Medium – Revelation London 

How do you like to pack for your holidays?


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