Keeping My Finger on the Pulse

“Wearable Technology” divides opinion. Some of you may see those two words and picture something akin to Robocop, where humanity becomes so reliant and integrated with technology that the mere mention of no signal on your iPhone is the modern day equivalent to Armageddon.

Others of you may be a little less sceptical and accept that technology really does have the ability to enhance our daily lives. I like to think I fall into this camp.

Keeping fit and healthy is very important to me and so this review of the Withings Pulse Ox is a pleasure to write: wearable technology that can improve your biology (trademark pending on this one). Granted, strapping a nifty piece of kit to your wrist won’t morph your belly into a six-pack but it is the small changes and the small goals that will eventually lead to bigger results.

Smaller than a wristwatch, this clever bit of technology can track almost anything. Steps taken, calories burned, heart rate, blood oxygen levels, sleep patterns…the only option missing is the ability to shock you as you reach for that second slice of triple chocolate cake.

It is so simple to get started that your workout only begins after setup. You download the Withings app to your iPhone (you will need signal or WiFi for this), and then sync the devices.

Technological trickery aside, Withings is a great product because it makes fitness fun! I’d class myself as a very active individual but I would get incredibly competitive in completing just a few more steps each day. “Who is the weird guy in the suit who seems to be lost on the stairs at Swiss Cottage station?” Yep, that’s me…

Data is presented in an easy-to-understand manner and as one of the smallest heart rate monitors on the market, it is a lot less conspicuous than carrying a personal trainer around. I’m not here to preach the gospel of fitness but if you are unsure where to start then start small! With that in mind, the Withings Pulse Ox certainly ticks all the boxes. Just don’t get too addicted.

What are your thoughts on wearable technology? Do you have any fitness goals for 2015?


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  1. January 28, 2015 / 6:54 pm

    Usually i don't like wearable technology because i think it is too much to bring technology in every single seconds of our life but i have to admit that this is a cool and usefull tool for people that loves fitness!
    Good job!

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