The Meat Co.

regressing back to my caveman instincts, I am always on the hunt for the best sources
of cooked meat in the Capital. It comes as no surprise then that an invitation
to ‘The Meat Co.’ quickly found its way into the diary; not in pencil, but in a
big fat permanent marker (I may have even highlighted it a couple of times

in South Africa by Costa Tomazos, one of South Africa’s most successful
restaurateurs, this highly-regarded steakhouse now has branches in Africa, the
Middle East and, luckily for me, the UK. The Meat Co. specialises in steak and
takes great care in getting your food from source to your plate.

you even get to the food, you can tell this place is special; the interior has
subtle hints of South African décor with a modern finish, and with a unique cocktail list
as long as my arm, it is not just about the food.

cocktails for the evening were a Caipirinha, Whiskey Sour and an Old
Fashioned with a Twist. Having barely dented the full list I will definitely be popping in next time I have a marathon shop at Westfield.

there is the food. Steak. Lots of it. The best of it.

were presented with olives and Biltong to keep us content as we ordered our
food (Biltong is South Africa’s answer to beef jerky, often made with Springbok
and given a little chilli kick). Then, our excellent waiter Miloš talked us
through a very extensive menu.

much deliberation on what cow and which part of the bovine anatomy to eat, myself and the
Lady opted to share a couple of main course offerings. First up was a
two-legged friend; Kangaroo. Having lived in Australia I thought of myself as a
bit of a connoisseur of this meat, but when the plate came out, all of my
expectations were blown away.

Heaven. If you haven’t tried Kangaroo yet then you must try The Meat
Co. main course. Perfectly pan-fried and served in a berry sauce, I felt a little guilty at
almost neglecting the incredible Potato Dauphinoise that sat on the side. I’ll let
the pictures do the talking but I can confirm that it tasted a good as it

my taste buds currently in a state of carnivorous bliss, there was only one
item on the menu that surely could compete with our first dish; the Wagyu beef.
As Miloš sat the plate down on our table, images of a perfectly manicured cow
being massaged in the furthest regions of Japan popped into my head.

I’m running out of superlatives in this review whilst trying to keep things
clean but the steak was perfectly cooked; medium-rare, no more, no less. Four-hundred grams of the juiciest, most
tender steak imaginable. It required no sauce and in truth required no sides.
Full of flavour, it packed a punch and certainly left an impression.

desert we had the Chef’s Tasting Platter, as recommended by Miloš. It was a beautiful
array of sorbet, tiramisu, cakes and even a gluten-free option and was the
perfect way to finish off a fantastic evening. There is enough
on this sharing plate for four people but at such good value, you are almost
obliged to spoil yourself.

The Meat Co. met all expectations and delivered so much more. They are specialists in what they do and it shows. From the first drink to the last mouthful, the food, staff and atmosphere provided a perfect weekday experience.

Do you have a favourite place to grab a steak?

Disclosure- the food was complimentary but all opinions and reviews are my own!


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