My top five double-breasted navy blazers | A winter menswear guide

Men's Hawes & Curtis Navy BlazerThe double-breasted navy blazer, a garment that began its storied journey at sea, now firmly belongs on land. Originally a staple of naval uniforms, this blazer was adopted by the crème de la crème of the fashion world for its sharp look and practicality. Its journey through time has been marked by the flair of Hollywood style icons and high society, each adding a layer to its legacy as a timeless emblem of elegance.

The beauty of this blazer is that it’s both a sartorial masterpiece and very simply put together. With its razor-sharp peak lapels, distinctive 6-button stance, and a silhouette that commands attention, the double-breasted navy blazer is an art form in itself. Every stitch, cut, and lapel speaks volumes of the craftsmanship that goes into tailoring such an iconic piece. This blazer isn’t merely worn – it’s a statement.

In the modern era, the blazer’s versatility truly shines. It’s a chameleon in the wardrobe of the contemporary gentleman. Paired effortlessly with crisp chinos, it creates a look of sophisticated business casual. Dressed down with well-fitted jeans, it’s perfect for a weekend escapade. Adaptable for both grand events and casual rendezvous, the double-breasted navy blazer stands as an indispensable ally in the wardrobe of any discerning gentleman. Here are my top five picks on the best navy blazers out there: