The Cannabotech MyBeing Triple System | The Perfect Introduction to the world of CBD?

Cannabotech MyBeing Triple System Cannabotech MyBeing Triple System

“If you don’t make time for wellness, you will be forced to make time for illness”


With parenthood comes great responsibility and, while I am well aware of the care I need to give to others, I am equally aware of the care I need to give to myself. Wellness incorporates plenty of practices such as meditation, exercise and healthy eating; but I have only recently discovered the benefits of CBD courtesy of Cannabotech.

Through their patented M²CBD formula blend, Cannabotech have designed a range that combines the benefits of CBD with medicinal mushrooms to give a holistic approach to wellness for both the mind and body. By targeting both the endocannabinoid system and the immune system, their tinctures aim to alleviate common complaints including stress, bad sleep, poor immunity, and fatigue.

My introduction to Cannabotech came through the MyBeing Triple System, consisting of Relax Drops, Immunity Drops and the Beauty Sleep Drops. I loved that fact that every bottle contained the M²CBD formula, but each was tailored around different medicinal mushrooms and botanicals to really target that area of wellness.

The Immunity Drops contained zinc to help boost the immune system, while the Beauty Sleep Drops contained chamomile which has been used for millennia as an aid for a good night’s sleep. Unsurprisingly, lavender was also present in the Relax Drops, and it really felt like each part of the MyBeing Triple System was tailored for a specific need. Coupled with clear and concise dosage instructions, it felt like a safe introduction to the world of CBD.

Fast forward six weeks, I feel like I can now give my honest opinion on how the Cannabotech products worked for me. As someone who is very susceptible to anxiety and stress, I genuinely feel like the Relax Drops have come in very handy for when I feel my mind or body slowly getting out of control. I have taken the Immunity Drops each morning to combat any ill-effects of underlying stress and I haven’t felt as run down as perhaps I should as a new parent. Of course, this may be coincidental, but these have (at the very least) improved my mental state of mind.

Finally, there are the Beauty Sleep Drops. In my experience, they have really been the standout CBD product from Cannabotech. Before being introduced to CBD properly, I was aware that it could be used to assist in a good night of sleep, and these have worked wonderfully in helping me wind down in the evenings and maintain a great level of sleep. Considering I have a newborn child, I no longer sleep as lightly as a did before, and any sleep genuinely feels like it is a better quality. Recovery from both physical and mental exercise is much better and, if I had to recommend anything from the Cannabotech range, it would be the Beauty Sleep Drops. Even the ritual itself gets me in the right frame of mind for a great night of sleep!

While CBD may not be for everyone, it is something I have incorporated into my everyday life and it’s great to see the benefits from such a highly-regarded product. You can check out Cannabotech’s range of CBD products here, and each one contains a detailed breakdown of how it could benefit you. Of course, please do reach out on social media if you had any further questions!

i have worked with cannabotech on a paid partnership previously, but this post contains my own opinions and experiences of their products