Five Podcasts to Listen to During Lockdown

Podcasts are great; they help us learn, help us laugh and, best of all, are a great passive activity that can fill up the day. Here are five podcasts that I am currently listening to:



The Mindful Podcast

Five-to-ten minutes of mindfulness per day is both achievable and effective. These podcasts are concise and focus on a certain aspect of life to really help you tackle key issues and achieve a clearer state of mind. It is a simple form of meditation and will help you become present in what is going on; vital in times like this when everything can be a little overwhelming.



A Drink With James

As the CEO of influencer marketing platform Fohr, James Nord has an answer for almost every question that this (still fledgling) industry can throw at him. Informally delivered over a dram or two of whiskey (that is James drinking, not necessarily you), it is a frank yet fair assessment of all things digital. Delivered in a dry, educational style, there are some really good nuggets of information and experience to be found in this weekly podcast and offers a good look at the marketing and advertising industry as a whole.



No Such Thing As A Fish

If facts are your cup of tea, then this podcast is for you. Each week the team get together to share scientific discoveries from the week that either completely surprise you or flip the script on what you think you may know. It’s equal parts boffins and banter; easing you into the world of science through pub facts you can impress your mates with. Special mention also goes to How Stuff Works; although these are chunkier episodes that narrate a story over the course of an hour so require a little more commitment.



That Peter Crouch Podcast

What can possible be better than listening to one of England’s most celebrated footballers chat about the beautiful game from a unique perspective? Even if you aren’t the biggest fan of the sport, there is something magical about some of Crouchy’s stories; he covers everything from changing room etiquette to a chance encounter with R9 on a beach. This podcast will be sure to leave you in hysterics; helped along by BBC Sports correspondent Tom Fordyce and Radio 1 regular Chris Stark. Bromance at its best.



Coffee and Crossing Roads

Created by Carl Thompson, AKA Hawkins and Shepherd, Coffee and Crossing Roads peels back the Instagram feed and delves deeper into the personal stories and experiences of those people that curate them. With no set theme (albeit an undercurrent of focus on mental health), it’s a refreshing approach to the influencer industry. Think of it as a conversation in your living room; well-structured chat with some very interesting back stories.