What I’m Wearing In… December

Navy Trench White Roll Neck Chinos Farah River Island Green Trench Green Jumper Primary Tuxedo Green Roll Neck Primary Tuxedo Green Roll Neck ZARA RED VELVET BLAZER Zara Red Velvet Blazer Moss Bros Double Breasted Check Suit Moss Bros Double Breasted Check Suit ASOS Fisherman Roll Neck Goodwin Smith Navy Coat

So I’ve decided to transfer some more of my Instagram content to my blog, in order to let you guys know what I’m wearing each month. Most of the pieces features are new and will be linked but, if there are any pieces that have been sourced in previous years, then I’ll include links to similar pieces which are available on the high street now. Without further ado, here’s what I’ve been loving in December…


For Rainy Days

Let’s face it; December is far from the picturesque crisp blue skies and postcard perfect snowscapes that we dream of when we are growing up. You can still expect the occasional drizzle or downpour, so packing a couple of trenches is key for the festive season.

This Navy Trench Coat is the perfect trench coat to both dress up and dress down. Obviously at home with a navy suit in a corporate environment, I prefer to pair it with this incredibly cosy White Knit Roll Neck Jumper from River Island, as well as a pair of Elm Stretch Trousers from Farah. Finish off with a pair of Navy Leather Chelsea Boots to complete that waterproof look. If you prefer a different tone, then why not combine the greens and go for this Green Trench Coat and Green Cable Knit Jumper from River Island instead. It may look a little army-esque, so be bold and pair it with a pair of white trousers so you don’t look like you’ve just absconded from military school.


For The Party

Come on, I couldn’t include a December roundup without including festive wear for the party season know, could I? If there is ever an excuse to bring out the tuxedo styling, December party season is surely it. Typically I’ll avoid anything too excessively sparkling so I don’t get confused for a Christmas tree decoration; instead combining velvet and textures with a slight sheen. For the more discreet look, this Tuxedo Blazer and Green Roll Neck combination from Primark certainly looks sharp without screaming too loudly at the Christmas party. If you’re feeling a little more festive and want to include that splash of red, then I highly recommend this Red Velvet Blazer from Zara man, worn best with a cream or white rollneck.


Best Of The Rest

My remaining looks don’t really have a theme running through them, but these outfits each have their own special qualities that mean they are a must-have in my December wardrobe. For the suited and booted look, Moss Bros have nailed it with this Double Breasted Grey Check Suit. While you wouldn’t typically find a double-breasted cut in three pieces (with a waistcoat), that extra layer definitely keeps you warm when the mercury drops. I love the wool texture and there is a real feeling of quality in the fabric. Wear it without a coat if you’re feeling brave enough.

Elsewhere, it’s all about the blues. A Navy Check Overcoat is perfect for keeping snug in, and I’ve worn it on top of this Roll Neck Moss Stitch Jumper from Duchamp London. If you prefer your blues to be closer in colour to the sky than a corporate suit, this Fisherman Ribber Roll Neck and Blue Scarf combination look great in the winter sun.