What to Pack in your Hand Luggage | The Long Haul Flight

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One of life’s great conundrums, amongst everything else the twenty first century gent needs to worry about, is what exactly do you pack in your hand luggage for a long-haul flight? Anything under four hours is often a breeze and merely a slight inconvenience, but when you start to creep towards double digit haulage, I’ll often get that slight nervousness about not having my essentials on hand in mid-air when I need them. My upcoming trip to St Lucia gave me the perfect opportunity to share with you guys exactly how I prepare, and pack, for those longer hours in the air.

Let’s start with the essentials, and every self-respecting gent wants to arrive at their final destination feeling more James Bond than Con Air. A decent flight time exposes you to all sorts of nasties and there is an inevitability about getting a little hot and bothered as you breathe in that recirculated air for the umpteenth time. I’ll always pack two sets of clothing; one for the flight (in this case a pair of super comfy cashmere joggers) and then an outfit for my arrival. Nine hours is plenty of time for two wardrobe changes, after all. In this case, a smart pair of shirts and shorts should mean I arrive prepared and looking good for the Caribbean sun. I’ve thrown in a pair of sunglasses and fresh shoes to complete that “Holiday Me” outfit change.

Next up, the tech. In this digital age, there is a constant need for power and so a battery or power bank is essential to always have that extra bit of charge to hand. Don’t scrimp on this and aim for the highest capacity possible; mine has enough charge to go from 0-100 several times. I’ll also pack my camera, for obvious reasons, along with a pair of over-ear headphones to properly cancel out any background sounds. Three hundred passengers are rarely quiet, after all.

Finally, and perhaps the most vital ingredients in any long-haul flight, are my grooming essentials. Deodorant and a fragrance keep me smelling nice, while moisturiser and hair products deal with my hair and skin. Hydration is so incredibly important, and no amount of bottled water will truly keep your skin hydrated. An eye roller also helps to reduce puffiness around the eyes.

Sitting still in my seat for nine hours doesn’t really appeal to me and I’ll often try and find ways of maximising my time in the air. This brings me to my final two items that I pack in my hand luggage; the BaByliss for Men Super Stubble XTP and the Lithium Super Groomer. Both are the most versatile grooming tools I have ever used; the Super Stubble nailing the fixed lengths and allowing me to graduate my stubble from borderline unruly to almost clean-shaven. A 14-day charge means I can leave the charging station at home, while it’s waterproof functionality means I can wash it clean very easily. Leaving the plane with a freshly-trimmed beard means the nine-hour flight is just a distant memory. The Lithium Super Groomer packs a similar punch in the battery department, and the interchangeable heads allow me to use this to tidy up any of that other unwanted hair on my face. With such a hectic schedule, why take time out of your own busy day to tidy up when you can do it on someone else’s clock?

This post was written in collaboration with BaByliss but all views are my own.

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