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There are plenty of times on the golf course that I have sailed a drive more than my average of 100-yards, picked up an iron and made my way respectfully to the green, then completely fluffed my lines when it came to the putt. That opportunity for a par (and in rare cases, a birdie) foiled by a complete inability to master a six-foot putt. When Hugo Boss invited me down to sunny Surrey and the prestigious Pro AM PGA Championship at Wentworth to learn the art of putting, I couldn’t really say no. Transport was booked and my pass arrived promptly with the courier, as did a bottle of their masculine and fresh BOSS Bottled Tonic.

Wentworth is a huge course; more akin to an entire village than your everyday run-of-the-mill golf course, but the Boss Mobile Store was easy to find. An immaculate selection of Hugo Boss golfing goods sat inside, but for me the action was all on the roof; a putting simulator and a quick lesson under the guidance of the Hugo Boss golf team. The aim was to get that moment of clarity, evaluate and re-focus and approach the club and ball with a clear mind. Within minutes I was sinking those evasive six-footers, even stretching to a miraculous 33-feet putt on a downhill slope (well, a virtual one at least). I truly felt like the Man of Today; not just achieving my goals, but smashing them with an extra 27-feet on top.

With the mercury rising and plenty of ground to be covered between the tournament’s vast eighteen holes, it was quite easy to work up a sweat. Needless to say, I was quickly emptying my bottle of BOSS Bottled Tonic in between rounds. Having stupidly not packed any deodorant, the light blend of citrus, spice and woods were subtle enough to wear throughout the day and, while I may not have looked particularly fresh, I certainly smelled very fresh. It is amazing how a fragrance can pick you up and lift you.

As the tournament grew older, it was soon time to leave. Feeling inspired by some of the best in the game, I think I might just pick up a putter again sometime soon to really nail down that final element of a very technical sport. The Man of Today doesn’t shy away from challenges and, while I won’t be turning pro any time soon, I will keep pushing myself in every facet of life.

Thanks to the team at Hugo Boss for putting me through my paces and helping to perfect my putt. If you want to embody the Man of Today, why not challenge yourself to do something outside of your comfort zone or expertise? Get that fresh moment of clarity with the BOSS Bottled Tonic, available as a gift to yourself or for Father’s Day on the 18th of June. RRP £62.

This post was written in collaboration with Hugo Boss. All views and opinions are my own.

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