Christmas Gift Guide For the Twenty First Century Gent

Readers…rejoice! I’ve finally pulled together my Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for the men in your life (or yourself..I won’t judge). After debating on how to categorise these gifts, I’ve opted to rank them by price. We start from the bottom and then work our way right up to the top. If you’re clicking on the links towards the end of this page then feel free to send some gifts my way with your spare change…

Under £50 (The Small One)

Scrub Up Well.

Tom Ford Christmas Gift Guide

Not much needs to be said about this first line-up; the Tom Ford grooming range should be the staple of any man’s routine and I have been using these products for months now with noticeable effect. I would highly recommend starting with any one of these products as an introduction to the range, but the Fatigue Eye Treatment is great for those tired winter eyes. Links to all three products below.

Buy the Tom Ford Purifying Face Cleanser 150ml here.

Buy the Tom Ford Anti Fatigue Eye Treatment 15ml here.

Buy the Tom Ford Exfoliating Energy Scrub 100ml here.


Light Up Christmas.

Christmas Gift Guide Candles

An Englishman’s home is his castle, as they say. It’s all well smelling good on your body, but there is nothing more welcoming than a well-scented home. No need to break the bank here and there are plenty of candles targeted at the male audience, with the common theme of being noir. Links to all three products below.

Buy the LEGNA Wisdom Candle here.

Buy the Jo Malone London Pomegranate Noir Home Candle here.

Buy the White Company Noir Candle here.


£50 – £225 (The Bigger One)

The Spirits of Giving.

Premium Alcohol Christmas Gift Guide

Insert your own pun here about the “spirit” of Christmas. Alcohol is always a difficult to gift to get right but I’ll always go for the rule that premium is better. Any man can go and pick up a bottle of vodka or a six-pack of beers on his weekly shop, so why not treat him (or yourself) to the best? These three bottles have taken years to develop and perfect; the rum is smooth and perfectly crafted in a bourbon barrel, the vodka has a little hint of cognac to give it a Christmas kick, and the whiskey is an enigmatic single malt with a deep taste. Bottoms up in style. Links to all three products below.

Buy the Grey Goose XV Vodka Exceptionelle 1l here.

Buy the Diplomatico Ambassador Rum 70cl here.

Buy the Glenlivet Cipher 70cl here.


Wrap up this Christmas.

Christmas Gift Guide Coats

Every man needs a coat, especially when we all seem to misjudge the severity of a really cold day in January. I’ve tried to mix the options up with this collection but each coat is suited for a different environment; be it causal, city or country. It’s also very easy to get coat sizing right; no metric or imperial here, just the simple choice of small, medium or large. Links to all three products below.

Buy the River Island Mens Grey Wool Blend Wrap Coat here.

Buy the Barbour Canterdale Quilt Jacket here.

Buy the Jaeger Shawl Collar Peacoat here.


Accessorise with One Size Fits All.

If you are still a bit nervous about sizing when it comes to clothing then why not opt for accessories instead? Italian fashion house Canali offer a range of luxurious Christmas gifts that are one-size-fits-all and are perfect finishing touches to any outfit. Details do matter, and you’d be surprised how useful a well-made belt or scarf can be for any man. Links to all three products below.

Buy the Canali Black Nappa Leather Gloves here.

Buy the Canali Petrol Cashmere Neck Scarf here.

Buy the Canali Black Calfskin Leather Reversible Belt here.


£225+ (The Big One)

The Dark Side of Technology.

I’m not sure why, but most technology looks a hell of a lot cooler when it comes in black. This collection of gifts may be a little bias towards my lifestyle but let me expand on these choices. The Beats headphones have great sound quality and do away with the restrictions of wires; perfect for the gym or the morning commute. While a MacBook Pro may have more power, the 12-inch model still has an unmatched level of portability and is a big step up from the iPad in terms of functionality. Finally, and also on my wishlist, is the Canon 5D MkIII; a stalwart in the world of photography and for good reason. Just take a look at the Canon Instagram feed to see why. Links to all three products below.

Buy the Beats by Dr. Dre Studio Wireless here.

Buy the MacBook 12-inch 512GB here.

Buy the Canon 5D MkIII here.


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