Lunch at Ellerman House

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Our first stop in Cape Town was the incredible Ellerman House. Located just a stone’s throw from Camps Bay and nestled in the dramatic coastline that skirts Table Mountain and Lions Head, the private estate overlooks the wilderness of the Atlantic Ocean. Inside, however, it is anything but wild; a true home away from home that invites you inside and never encourages you to leave.

Before lunch, we had a quick tour of Ellerman House itself. Each room is individual, each with unique character and decor. The front-facing rooms had balcony views over the ocean in the distance, while the rear facing rooms certainly felt homely and cosy. The real showstoppers, however, were the incredible villas. Some of the most prestigious square footage in Cape Town, each villa housed architecture to die for. From the open standalone baths to the commissioned art, it is an interior designer’s dream and it is amazing to think that the whole complex is a vision of one man. With even more spectacular views over the vast ocean outside, it was difficult to know which way to look!

Aside from the impressive accommodation, Ellerman House also encompasses a privately curated contemporary art gallery with some unique pieces, as well as a residential shop and gymnasium. I highly recommend a visit and you can spend hours just walking through the grounds. Plus, if all the sightseeing gets a bit tiring, then the on-site cathedral to wine (complete with the most audacious wine rack and vineyard soil wallpaper) provides more than adequate refreshment. It literally is the, or at least my, dream home.

Lunch for the day was served in the Ellerman House restaurant and the menu did not disappoint. In true South African style, each course was paired with a respective wine; a chardonnay to start and, as I obviously went for red meat main, a hearty red to finish. My baked pumpkin soup was to die for; I rarely choose soup to start through a fear of still being hungry, but this dish went straight to my heart (and stomach). Creamy and rich, the feta foam cut through the soup and was the perfect proverbial icing on the cake. For Katie, a more delicate option of the Parma Ham and Asparagus Salad looked incredible on the plate and was bursting with flavour.

For the mains, I stayed true to my word and Katie followed suit. A melt-in-the-mouth fillet steak served on a bed of vegetables, celeriac and red wine sauce. The pictures do most of the talking, but I firmly believe that South Africa serves up the best beef in the world. To finish, I had a macaroon and vanilla dessert which really hit the spot, while Katie chose her favoured combination of raspberries and dark chocolate. As we finished on a sweet note, it was time to say goodbye to Ellerman House. Our next stop? Five doors down in neighbouring Clifton.


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