Monks and Four Pillars | Kurt Geiger

_MG_0496-2PS _MG_0367-2 _MG_0396-2 _MG_0361-2 _MG_0388-2 _MG_0343-2 _MG_0375-2 _MG_0419-2 _MG_0332-2 River Island Cropped Trousers Kurt Geiger Double Monk Shoes

In case you didn’t know, Kurt Geiger are very good at designing and crafting shoes. I’ve been after a pair of double monk shoes for a few months now and, coming into the height of summer, it seemed like the perfect time to wear their Cozier Black Shoes. Sans the socks, of course…

I really think that the build quality on this pair are great and the patent finish is complemented well by an almost lizard skin-like finish on the leather near the straps. Black leather shoes can sometimes lack any real depth or definition, so it’s great to see Kurt Geiger adding a subtle detail on their offering. I found the fit to be snug, and they can easily be worn with both day and night wear so are incredibly versatile, and are a must-have for my summer wardrobe.

To show off a little bit of ankle (not my most aesthetic body part may I add), I’ve chosen to wear them with a pair of Black Smart Skinny Cropped Trousers from River Island. It is a bit strange deliberately choosing a leg length that is most definitely not the “correct” fit but I really like the summer vibes that these provide. I’ll usually reserve my suits for the other three, cooler, seasons so it’s great to be able to wear a pair of formal trousers like this.

To finish, I’m wearing a Light Blue Signature Oxford Shirt from Next Menswear along with this pair of Prada sunglasses from David Clulow. The frame is so well-built and the large graduated blue lenses sit well on my my oval-shaped face, not blocking out too much light. Perfect when you’re navigating the shadows on London’s busy streets. Usually I am a Ray-Ban fan but I think I may have been converted to Prada with these. While the British sunshine gave me a few hours to wear them for the first time, I’ll be in Mauritius on my honeymoon soon, so then comes the real UV test. I may even bring along the Kurt Geiger monk shoes. No socks though.


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