Wild in the City

I’m never one to shy away from standing out from the crowd. So, on a dreary Monday evening, with the black and blue suits trudging past me to the commuter trains out of the City, I found myself stood in the middle of the corporate world wearing a pink blazer, white shorts and non-issue, non-black, non-leather shoes. Time to take a walk on the wild side. Welcome, to Miami Vice…

All joking aside, I love this outfit. Not one for the wallflower, this pink blazer from Zara is subtle enough to wear smartly at any summer party, whilst still providing enough colour to brighten up a monochrome outfit. The felt texture means that it will survive a few washes and shouldn’t lose its shine after a few months of wear.

I paired it with a bold pair of white tailored shorts from F&F Clothing. White is always a risk with the landmines of coffee, tomato-based sauces and general dirt that seem to invade any Londoner’s life. This outfit is all about taking risks though, so white it is.

On my feet are these incredible leopard print pony hair moccasins from Pretty Green. Aside from making a statement, these are actually the single comfiest pair of shoes that I own and will probably ever own. I’m more than happy to pit these against any suggestions but the fit and the feel is to die for. If they weren’t so audacious, I could see the NHS using these to treat foot disorders (disclaimer: these shoes are not medical aids).

Pink Blazer – Zara // Shirt – Zara // Shorts – F&F Clothing // Shoes – Pretty Green

What is the most daring statement piece that you own?


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