MDFV 2015: Part Five

So, to the final days of the MDFV 2015 voyage through the Aegean. By now we had become accustomed to deep turquoise waters and the fresh sea air. Our only company throughout the trip had been each other and the plethora of fish. Secretly, I think we were all a little anxious about reintegrating with the hordes of tourists on Rhodos.

Rhodos itself was full of life. As we wandered through the old town nestled within the castle walls, it was a sensory overload. Sights, smells and sounds greeted us on every street corner. Every street-seller was vying for our attention and every restaurant wanted us to eat there. This happens everywhere in the world but after spending a week on a boat you forget how overwhelming it can be! The harbour front provided a slightly less intense environment and so we found ourselves retreating the water’s edge on numerous occasions. Somehow the water felt more like home.

Our time on the island was spent enjoying a traditional Turkish bath as well as a final communal meal and a few evening drinks in the old town. On the final day, we opted to to walk through the gardens hidden inside the city walls. Vast areas of green that sprawled as far as the eye could see; it was a world away from the claustrophobic cobbled streets.

After saying goodbye to the gulet, it was time for our pre-flight meal. We decided to head for some altitude and found the perfect spot to end our trip; Pension Minos. Nestled atop one of the highest spots in the old town, we had the perfect view over the ant-like crowds below. In the distance, we could almost spot our gulet; precariously surrounded by a number of huge cruise ships. As we sipped on a couple of mojitos and fought our way through a delicious moussaka, our thoughts turned to work the next day.

Everyone knows that end-of-trip feeling, so I think our expressions below perfectly sum up how we were feeling as we crossed the tarmac to board our flight back to the UK. The only saving grace? One last gift from Greece. A beautiful sunset over the Aegean Sea with the silhouettes of the Dodecanese Islands providing that perfect postcard moment. 


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