Fourth of July at The Diner

A few hundred years back, our transatlantic cousins decided that enough was enough and booted the British out, sending them back to the shores of Blighty. Every year, on the Fourth of July (also known as 4th July, or Independence Day, depending on which form of English you use), fireworks go off in a spectacular celebration of this occasion and vast quantities of food are consumed. Stepping up to satisfy this appetite in the UK is The Diner, Soho.

First order of the day: cocktails. The Diner has a fantastic array of drinks on offer but it is their signature “Hard Teas” that are a star attraction. I opted for the bourbon-based “Teajito”; a very summery and sweet choice. The Lady opted for a “Diner G & Tea”; gin-based but with a real black tea bag to add a unique and refreshing flavour.

Now to the food. Their limited edition 4th July Menu (we’ll go for this spelling) is a feast of epic proportions. Encapsulating all-things American, it is the type of menu that can almost fill you up just by reading through it. 

For starters, we opted for the ‘Frito Pie’; a classic US tailgate dish that consists of a bag of Fritos corn chips topped with the perfect amount of beef chilli, sour cream and coriander. I’m not usually the biggest fan of nachos but the ratio of chip to dip was just about right and it tasted delicious! 

We also sampled the shredded BBQ chicken potato skins which arguably stole the show. The tough, crispy potato was perfectly complimented by a huge helping of Monteray jack cheese and sour cream and the BBQ chicken on top was to die for. Real ‘man food’ (not that The Lady didn’t thoroughly enjoy this dish…).

By now the dishes were coming thick and fast. Next up was the ‘Bulging Burger’. Often a name speaks volumes about a dish and this was no exception. Deep breath as you read this one; an 8oz burger with a dollop of queso cheese sauce, crispy tortillas, grilled pickles, smoked caramelised onions and a secret burger sauce, all crammed between a beautifully toasted bun. Chances are you may have skipped this part of my post and are fixated on the shots of the food but if you are reading this then, trust me, it tasted as good as it looks. 

For a side, because this is an American feast after all, we had grilled corn on the cob; rolled in lime mayo, grated cheese and chilli powder. It offered a decent kick alongside the richness of the burger.

Finally, if all of that food wasn’t quite enough, we were
served a plate of S’mores. If you haven’t tried this bonfire classic then I
thoroughly recommend coming to The Diner for a portion. Roasted marshmallows
and chocolate sandwiched between two crackers makes for a guilty and incredibly
messy dessert. Highly addictive, so you may find yourself ordering “S’more”
(apologies, but I had to do that).

If you’ve read this far without running off to the fridge then well done. Here comes the important bit: this is a limited edition menu that is only available on Saturday 4th July. It is definitely worth the experience alone and you may even leave singing the Star and Stripes as you limp out of the door.

There are eight locations across London which can all be found here, so plan properly for tomorrow, do it the American way, and eat for Uncle Sam! 

What are your plans for Independence Day?


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