Lighter Shades

Turkey’s coastline is a beautiful place. In the intense sumer heat, I find it is always a good idea to opt for lighter shades and thinner materials. Throwing on a tee and shorts is easy. The real challenge is to still try and look smart in less-than-formal clothing. 

This All Saints White Tonic Scoop T-Shirt is the perfect summer tee. A deep scoop neck gives it a minimalist feel whilst a slim fit keeps the fabric close to the body. I paired the tee with these Batik Print Chino Shorts from F&F Clothing. Block colour can feel a little flat sometimes so these shorts add a little dimension to the outfit.

Finishing off the outfit are these Suede Boat Shoes, also from F&F Clothing. My post on my boat trip is coming to the blog soon and these were the perfect option for navigating both land and sea.

Tee – All Saints // Shorts – F&F Clothing // Shoes – F&F Clothing

Now back in the UK, let us all pray that summer is finally here!


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