Give Your Mornings an Uppercut

Whilst the world seems to be hurtling forward at an incredible pace, sometimes it is good to take inspiration from days gone by. Uppercut Deluxe have taken apothecary from the 1950s and brought it forward half a decade in their range of barbershop-style grooming products, offering something different to the usual morning routine. It is a brand created through a love of simple traditional values, creating products without all the fancy packaging, containing only the best ingredients.

True to their form, the Shampoo and Conditioner from the Uppercut range certainly look the part. Classic styling means that these won’t look out of place staring back at you as you scrub away the dirt. The pump-action dispenser may be a slightly more modern function, but it certainly prevents those horror-show moments when you see half a litre of your favourite shampoo literally go down the drain. Containing liquorice and camomile to soothe the scalp, there is also a hint of peppermint which definitely gives it an added, and welcome, kick. These products come highly recommended for those who want some added spice to their morning routine.

What are your favourite products to use on your hair?


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