Savile Row Collaboration feat. Ted

Savile Row Ted Baker Suit

Like all great boybands (Westlife or *NSYNC anyone?), sometimes it is the collaborative efforts that help to define your image. 

Savile Row was the perfect location to convene for a tailoring-themed shoot on a rather damp Saturday morning. I and three other fantastic male bloggers, listed below, took part in a collective look-book, showcasing our interpretation of sartorial styling. Luckily for me, I was given a helping hand by the tailors at Ted Baker. Ted has always been a favourite brand of mine, and I felt their suit collection would be perfect for the shoot.

Savile Row Ted Baker Suit

Savile Row Ted Baker Suit

This Checked Three-Piece Wool Suit certainly makes a great first impression. The subtle patten runs through a high quality suit which has a tailored fit to ensure it contours to your body. The colour itself is a statement; a vivid, deep blue that certainly gives the suit a wow factor. Think a historic blue tartan from the remote highlands of Scotland, brought kicking and screaming into the City, and then touched up with a Ted brush.

Savile Row Ted Baker Suit

I was joined on the shoot by three other male bloggers, who all have a penchant for great tailoring and who all provided their own interpretation of what a suit should be. In no particular order, I present; Adam from The Male Stylist, Anton from The Style Division and Liam from Liam Pitts:

With these three gentlemen dressed impeccably, each styling their own look, this shoot was all about making a statement. I felt that Ted certainly helped me step up to the plate and wearing such a fine three-piece suit does, at least, make you feel the part. Paired with their dark blue Classic Derby Shoes I opted for a suitably classic look with a little hint of fun.

Savile Row Ted Baker Suit

True to any collaboration, each look catered to different budgets and different tastes. However, one thing was certain; for that morning at the very least, we were Savile Row. 

Wool Check Suit – Ted Baker // Classic Derby Shoes – Ted Baker

The Ted Baker suit collection can be found here.

Also, a huge thanks to our photographer Themba Erik who took these incredible shots. 

What other collaborations would you like to see on Twenty First Century Gent?


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