Not-So-Stupid Clothing

Stupid Clothing may not take itself too seriously, but quality materials and an eye for detail make their style suitable for any dress-down gent. This ASC Fold-up Camo T Shirt is no exception; a thick fabric looks effortless in black but the camo detail on the sleeves give a nod to the adventurous roots of the company.

Sticking with the bold theme, I paired the tee with a pair of bold red chinos (or pink, depending on your definition of red..) from H&M. They can divide opinion but I feel they added much needed colour to a fairly muted backdrop, especially in the winter months.

Finishing off the adventurer look, I opted for a pair of Dune Brown Leather Boots from Topman. As well as being rugged, they are also very versatile. Laced up and worn under the jeans they are a good choice for any smart occasion. Worn a little more artistically I felt they complimented the tee and chinos well.


Black Camo Tee – Stupid Clothing // Red Chinos – H&M // Dune Leather Boots – Topman

What are your favourite items that add a little fun to the winter months?


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