Breathing Fresh Air: The Evolved Bremont Supermarine Collection

Bremont Supermarine Collection

Bremont, the mastermind behind illustrious chronometers, has again demonstrated its penchant for evolution with its refreshed Supermarine Collection. Rooted in aviation, Bremont’s creations embody a blend of durability, cutting-edge technology, and unparalleled style, grown meticulously over 22 years. With Davide Cerrato stepping in as the new CEO, a fresh wave of innovation is palpable, heralding the unveiling of the Supermarine S302.

Bremont Supermarine Collection

The Supermarine Collection is a tribute to both sea and sky, offering rugged companions for the venturesome spirit. The new S302 models seamlessly meld legacy with fresh stylistic elements, undeniably influenced by Cerrato, the maestro behind the lauded Tudor Black Bay. The Supermarine S302 trio showcases subtle yet impactful design variations, offering something captivating for every wrist.

The dial aesthetics remain true to Bremont’s ethos—clean, legible, with a dash of elegance. The standard model boasts a deep navy dial contrasting vividly with an orange GMT hand, while the GMT Jet model and the limited-edition Taupe GMT both offer unique visual spectacles, blending vintage charm with contemporary finesse.

The 40mm stainless steel case, employing Bremont’s signature Trip-Tick construction, promises a snug fit for every wrist, ready to weather daily adventures. The meticulously crafted case houses a remarkable chronometer certified manufacture GMT calibre, a significant leap from the previous generation, boasting a 50-hour power reserve.

Strap options range from FKM rubber and aged leather to a sturdy steel bracelet, offering ample scope for personalisation to sync with every occasion, embodying the ‘Go anywhere, do anything’ mantra.

In essence, the revamped Bremont Supermarine S302s is a testament to Bremont’s unyielding spirit of innovation, marking a promising onset of an exhilarating chapter. The blend of tradition and fresh design elements not only enriches the brand’s portfolio but also piques curiosity for what’s next on the horizon. Check out the collection on the Bremont website here.