Dior Homme Fragrance Review | Is the Original Still Worth It?

Dior Homme 2020 Review

The reboot of Dior Homme in 2020 inevitably lead to many comparisons with the 2005 original; after all, sequels are always under pressure to outperform. So, in 2023, is it still worth exploring the original Dior Homme fragrance? Well, when it comes to fragrances that epitomise modern masculinity, the original still stands strong. It’s a paradox, a complex tale told through scents; bypassing conventional masculinity, instead opting for a nuanced duality that makes it irresistibly beguiling. It’s a fragrance that defies expectations, using its straightforward title “Homme” to subtly wink at the rich labyrinth of experiences it offers. This isn’t just fragrance; it’s a persona bottled.

From the first spritz, the traditional notes of bergamot, sage and lavender make a brief, almost elusive, appearance. They aren’t here to command the stage but rather to pave the way for what comes next — the intricate interplay between its two contrasting souls. One moment, it caresses your senses with a softer allure: a medley of sweet, flowery, and airy chords that bring to mind the finesse of light silk. At the next, it flexes its robust, earthy muscles, the leathery and vetiver notes enmeshed with a hint of bitter cocoa, asserting a stern, almost austere masculinity.

Therein lies its genius; Dior Homme keeps you on your toes, each phase in its olfactory journey serving as a counterpoint to the other. For the first hour, you’re wooed by its sweeter aspect, which eventually yields to the more somber, serious notes. The resultant duet is enchanting, oscillating back and forth for hours before finally settling into a muted but invigorating base note.

As for its longevity and sillage, both are commendable. While the bottle’s aesthetics may not be to everyone’s taste, and its ergonomics less than perfect, it’s the elixir inside that we’re drawn to, isn’t it?

Dior Homme may not be my signature scent, but it’s impossible not to appreciate its artistry, even 18 years on. It challenges norms, stretches boundaries, and asks us to reconsider what a man’s fragrance can be. If you’re a connoisseur of perfumes, regardless of gender, the rich tapestry that is Dior Homme warrants at least one in-depth exploration.