The Beach Lover’s Guide to Mallorca: Top 5 Must-Visit Beaches

Warm weather trips are always my preference and I do love a beach holiday. You’re no doubt reading this because you’ve asked your favourite search engine some variant of ‘Which side of Mallorca has the best beaches?’ or ‘Where is the sunniest place in Majorca?’ As it happens, I’m somewhat adept at this beach spotting game and today I’m dishing out the intel on five top picks of Mallorca’s best beaches. In no particular order, I give you my top five picks: Cala Lombards, Cala Deia, Port d’Andratx, Cala Pi, and Playa de Formentor.


Best beaches in Mallorca

Cala Lombards: A Hidden Paradise in Southeast Mallorca
Starting our coastal tour on the sunniest side of Mallorca, southeast, we find ourselves at Cala Lombards. This gem of a beach is the secret handshake of the island. A secluded speakeasy where turquoise waters serve as your cocktail. Let’s not forget the local beach bar, offering a spread that could make a Michelin-starred chef blush.


Cala Deia: A Majestic Retreat on Mallorca’s Northwestern Coast
Next, we venture northwest to Cala Deia. Here, the pebbles are your confetti, and the cliffs your applause as you dive into the cool, clear sea. When the curtain of hunger falls, C’as Patro March answers the call with seafood so fresh, it might as well swim onto your plate.


Platja d’Alcudia: The Best White Sandy Beach in Mallorca
Now, let’s address that popular ‘best white sandy beach in Mallorca’ query. For that, we’re heading to Platja d’Alcudia. Often voted the finest beach in Mallorca, this sprawling utopia is family-friendly and amenity-laden. Whether you’re a kid-at-heart building sandcastles or a discerning sun-worshipper seeking comfort, Alcudia has it all. Yes, it’s a bustling hub in summer, but think of it as a beach carnival, complete with a smorgasbord of watersports, sweet treats, and a wide range of eateries.


Cala Pi: The Melodic Symphony of South Mallorca’s Shores
Onwards to Cala Pi, down south. If beaches were an orchestra, Cala Pi would be playing a soothing melody on the violin. The azure waters, golden sands, and Es Bergant‘s extensive menu make for a harmonious symphony of a family day out.


Playa de Formentor: The Crown Jewel of Northern Mallorca
Our final destination, Playa de Formentor, might as well have ‘number one beach in Majorca’ stamped on every grain of its sand. At the northernmost point of Mallorca, the mountains waltz with the sea, creating a stunning panorama; and what better way to enjoy it than with a meal at Restaurant Formentor, making the most of your beach day.


So, if you’re asking ‘Where is the nicest place in Majorca?’, I present the beaches above. When is the best time to visit Mallorca? Well, the best weather is often in the shoulder seasons of April, May and September. Like Goldilocks and her porridge; not too hot, not too cold. Just right.