Mens 2021 Loungewear Picks | Work From Home

Mens Loungewear Work from Home 2021

There’s something a little bit more sophisticated about loungewear in 2021. Gone are the days of oversized, baggy tracksuit bottoms paired with a holy (not blessed) jumper and a pair of classic Ugg Boots. Instead it’s more about achieving that smart-casual look while staying more comfortable; think trousers with a pleat and jumpers that don’t just rely on some abstract print to be classed as a “design”. You can’t go wrong with a co-ord but there are also plenty of timeless classics that’ll have you covered even when you need to leave the house to do that run to the local supermarket.

For this look the colour scheme really brings the whole outfit together. The co-ord set from River Island Man really is such a smart option; the pleats in the herringbone trousers adding some definition to an otherwise relaxed look. Going for a similar colour trench or wrap coat finishes the look off in colder/wetter environments and I’ve kept my choice of trainers neutral and clean. This elevates the outfit and it’s the small attention to details like this that keep the outfit looking considered, rather than just a smorgasbord of your less formal wear.

With Work From Home looking like less of a trend and more of a glimpse into the near future, there has never been a better time to up your style when it comes to loungewear. It’s been a market dominated by womenswear for a good few years now, but finally us gents have some great options out there to really improve our wardrobes. Below are a few of my picks to suit every budget…