Why You Need a Safari Jacket in Your 2020 Menswear Wardrobe

Mango Man Safari Jacket Menswear Mango Man Safari Jacket Menswear Mango Man Safari Jacket Menswear

The Safari Jacket is one of the most versatile items in the summer wardrobe. Initially designed for more formal requirements, the Safari Jacket has now become a more utilitarian piece; no longer the choice of garment for a big game hunter, but as a top layer designed to be thrown over a t-shirt and worn with a pair of trousers or jeans. Colours have evolved too; you can still opt for original khaki, but there are more adventurous choices to suit any style.

How To wear It

Keep in mind that the Safari Jacket is designed to be the statement piece, and aim to keep the rest of your outfit as toned down as possible. Neutral basics are best; think a simple t-shirt, muted trousers or jeans, and a simple pair of shoes. Don’t go too utilitarian either if you plan to track down a restaurant rather than big game. Finally, you can play around with cuts and fabrics on the Safari Jacket. Yes, linen is by far the most popular choice, but there are some great suede and waxed options out there than can really change up  an entire look. Below are a few highlight pieces available now: