Jungle Guest Room Transformation ft. Desenio | Making Your Wall A Piece of Art

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If you’re a regular user of Instagram and follow all things interior design, there is a strong chance that you have encountered Desenio before. As one of the print services of choice, they certainly caught my attention when it came to choosing how to decorate our jungle-theme guest room in the house. So, aside from simply sending out photos and prints to put on your wall, how does Desenio stack up?

Let’s talk about the website first; as you’d hope from a Swedish brand that works through the medium of print, the website is clean and simple to use. The selection of prints on offer is huge, and the filter system very easily allows you to narrow down what you are looking for. In our instance, it was black and white prints of animals to adorn the back wall. Within a few minutes, we had eliminated 99% of the other style of prints (which cover almost every niche you could think of) and had a few selections to choose from.

This is where Desenio really does stand out; their Gallery Wall Tool is an intuitive and clear way to see how the prints would look on a wall in different compositions. Sure, the mocked up digital wall wasn’t the same shade of powder pink as our Jungle Room, but it was good to see how certain prints might look side by side via the website. You can even change the sizing and add frames, both of which are services available from the Desenio range. With the prints selected, along with the gold frames, it was all ordered with free delivery* within minutes.

Fast forward roughly five days and, in very sleek and sophisticated packaging, our prints and frames had arrived. They were well-protected and, despite the amount of mileage clocked up, suffered absolutely no damage or distress. Framing them was simple and easy (partly because sizing of both is taken care of and trouble-free) and they now take pride of place in the Jungle Room. Prints are a fantastic way to add that very personal finishing touch to a blank canvas and, unlike paint or wallpaper, can be quickly changed to coincide with seasons or moods. That being said, I think the animals have certainly made themselves at home in the Jungle Room. What do you think?

You can shop the Desenio range through their website, and be sure to check out the very useful Gallery Wall Tool to try before you buy.

*free standard delivery is offered for purchases totaling £29 or more.
This post was written in collaboration with Desenio. All opinions, and choice of prints, are my own.