Male Hair Loss: My Honest Thoughts on the Nioxin 3 Part System No. 1

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Now that I have crossed the dreaded thirty threshold and am entering mid-life, hair loss is something that is becoming even more prevalent amongst both myself and my peers and continues to be a hot topic in the world of male grooming. With a potential hair transplant on the horizon, I thought it would be a good time to throw anything else but the kitchen sink at the issue before going under the knife.

The botanical brainchild of Eva Graham in the late Eighties, Nioxinis a brand that certainly caught my eye in its approach to haircare. Rather than bombard the scalp with chemicals, Eva’s approach is that the scalp is simply an extension of the face and should be treated as such. I was sent the Nioxin 3 Part System No.1 a few months ago; designed to clean and nourish hair follicles with three separate products: A Cleanser Shampoo, a Scalp Therapy Revitalising Conditioner and then a Scalp & Hair Treatment to finish. For the past few weeks I have been using these alongside the Nioxin 3D Styling Thickening Gel as well as the Night Density Rescue with the aim of creating a thicker, fuller look to my hair.

As well as thinking about how my hair and scalp looks, I really do think it is important to assess how my hair feels after using haircare products. Nioxin certainly ticks this box; both the shampoo and conditioner left my scalp feeling fresh and clean and rid of any residue hair products from the day before. You use this like any normal shampoo and conditioner, and there is a real feeling of trust in a product that steers clear of chemicals. They do warn of potential scalp redness immediately after use, but in my experience this didn’t really occur.

Post-shower is where the rebuild of thicker hair starts. The scalp and hair treatment targets each (now clean) hair follicle to increase the thickness and overall volume of the hair. Again, the tingling sensation feels invigorating and you can really feel the Nioxin products getting to work. The real star of the show in the short term is the 3D Styling Thickening Gel; you let it set for half an hour after application and, when combined with a decent wattage of hairdryer, you immediately get a good amount of thickness and volume in your hair. Pre-bedtime, the Night Density Rescue is a great leave-in treatment to reduce hair loss as you sleep.

So the short-term effects are great, but what about the long term effectiveness? I have been using this for just over a month now, and I truly do believe that the health and thickness of my hair has improved over that time. While Nioxin won’t, and would never claim to, undo a receding hairline it definitely contributes to healthier hair. I will continue using this as my primary hair routine over the next few months and give you a more comprehensive update and a before/after. Until then, I would definitely recommend reaching for Nioxin if you want to be kinder to your scalp.


You can shop the Nioxin 3 Part System No. 1 here, and find out more about the whole Nioxin range via their website.

The Nioxin treatment was gifted, but all opinions are my own.