Building the Ultimate Scent Wardrobe with Sniph | Fragrance Collections Delivered Directly to your Doorstep

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Smelling great isn’t always easy. Sure, you can reach for that go-to scent that you’ve been wearing for the past decade or so, or attempt to navigate the myriad of fragrances that seem to flood the market on a weekly basis, but it can be quite difficult to balance locking down those aromas that fit into your daily lifestyle while also discovering something that everyone else isn’t wearing. Too many times I have found my scent, only to find everyone else in the room also choosing it as their favourite for an event or a dinner that evening. You want to stand out from the crowd with confidence; having the ability to choose something that is artisanal and unique, without all the stress of overloading the nose and navigating the thousands of bottles out there. This is where Sniph has your back.

I was invited out to Stockholm earlier this month as an introduction to the Sniph brand, Sniph team and welcomed in to the world of scents as a kick-off for my new role as a UK ambassador for the brand. They are based in Sweden and operate out of a select few European countries, but the genius that is Sniph has now landed on the UK shores. The concept is simple (billed almost as a “Spotify for fragrances”); the experts at Sniph source hundreds of exclusive and niched scents from the best boutique perfume studios around the world, then select the ones they believe fits best in their six curated collections. When signing up for Sniph you chose the collection that best suit you, based on their online scent quiz that asks a series of questions around your lifestyle and tastes. These collections are a great way to sample the 200+ fragrances that are on the Sniph roster; £14 per month gets you a full 30-day supply of scents and you can cancel or change the fragrance choices at any time. They are packaged in handy travel-sized sprays that fit right through your letterbox and are handy for on the go together with a smart and neat case. If you fall in love with one of the scents you do have the option to purchase those full-size favourites on the Sniph website. But as mentioned earlier their idea is to help you explore the world of scents and build a scent wardrobe. Scents have the power to stir emotions, awaken memories, set moods and captivate the imagination, and should be matched with occasion and mood to set us off in to the day. You of course do not want to wear the same outfit or make the same impression on that first date as you do in a meeting or a day off, so why would you wear the same perfume for every occasion?

It really is an honour to be selected as a UK ambassador for Sniph; I am usually asked for recommendations on what fragrances to wear for certain occasions but, with a limited knowledge and limited fragrance portfolio, the experts at Sniph really do have the know-how to create the perfect scent wardrobe for you. I have found a few new favourites that I have never heard of before, and it genuinely is a great feeling to be able to give an answer that isn’t just the usual suspects when someone comments on what I am wearing. It’s delivered direct to your door, there are no commitments and, most importantly, it is a fantastic way to broaden your own knowledge and awareness of the artisanal scent out there with almost zero effort. Even better, head over to the Sniph website here and enter the code BEN25 to get 25% off at the checkout. Enjoy!

This post was written in collaboration with Sniph. All views and opinions are my own.