Ted Baker Travel Tonics | Fragrances That Fit Personality (and Blazer Pockets)

Ted Baker Travel Tonics Ted Baker Travel TonicsTed Baker Travel Tonics Ted Baker Travel Tonics Ted Baker Travel Tonics Ted Baker Travel Tonics Ted Baker Travel Tonics Ted Baker Travel Tonics Ted Baker Travel Tonics Ted Baker Travel Tonics Ted Baker Travel Tonics Ted Baker Travel Tonics Ted Baker Travel Tonics

If you know me well, then you’ll know that I am always a sucker for well-presented products. As a first impression, there is nothing more vital than unboxing a product and seeing and feeling the packaging for the first time. This is no more important than in fragrances; before anything reaches your nose, your eyes and hands are the ultimate judge of what is in front of you. Ted Baker is a brand that has always done this so well; their presentation will always speak volumes about the brand, with a well-polished finish punctuated by the quirkiness of Ted. Their latest Travel Tonics fragrance collection is no different, and offers something for every gentleman out there.

Perhaps the most unique features about the Ted Baker Travel Tonics collection are the beautifully crafted flasks that each hold 25ml of your favourite Ted Baker fragrance. Copper, Silver and Gold (Cu, Ag and Au) are all well represented with each flask exuding the respective colours that give a nod to the fragrance they contain. Silver may feel familiar to those of us who carry a hip flask, but the Copper and Gold certainly have that wow factor. Part-accessory part-fragrance, these slim line flasks are refillable too, meaning you never need to run out of your signature scent when you are on the go. Of course, just make sure you are wearing a beautiful Ted Baker blazer so you have somewhere to store it.

As for the scents themselves, each has a unique character that certainly gives each bottle a true identity:



Gold (Au) has a woody citrus heart. Notes of bergamot, vanilla and cedarwood all work together to deliver a sophisticated fragrance that feels most at home not at home; definitely a fragrance to wear out to a dinner with it’s bold and dramatic profile. Wear it with the Ted Baker Hapay silk floral jacquard jacket for that added wow factor. It oozes class with that subtle Ted twist.



Silver (Ag) has an oriental heart. Notes of pepper and leather produce a fragrance that is also well suited to stand out. As a classic and timeless fragrance, it is definitely a great transitional scent. Perfect if you’re heading out to a bar in the afternoon or evening. It fits perfectly with this dapper Howzit Slim silk paisley jacquard jacket with it’s classic profile and silhouette.



Finally, Copper (Cu) has an aquatic heart. Lighter notes of grapefruit and musk make this an everyday wear. It is certainly different to the other two fragrances and is ideal for sprucing up your everyday profile. Let this fragrance do the talking and wear it with a more casual outfit like the Hines linen-blend jacket. This, for me at least, is definitely my day time fragrance.


You can buy each of the fragrances individually in their 25ml Travel Tonic size (RRP £28 each) or, if you are a heavy user, you can get the full size fragrances in 100ml size (RRP £40 each). There is also a 50ml refill bottle available to buy (£30).

There is a fragrance for every personality and occasion in the collection, and I highly recommend checking it out. Available at Ted Baker stores nationwide and online at tedbaker.com


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