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Ted Baker Grooming Gift Set Boots Ted Baker Grooming Gift Set Boots Ted Baker Grooming Gift Set Boots Ted Baker Grooming Gift Set Boots Ted Baker Grooming Gift Set Boots Ted Baker Grooming Gift Set Boots Ted Baker Grooming Gift Set Boots

Whether it is a stocking filler or those slightly bigger presents nestled under the Christmas tree, I think all men can agree on the important tradition of receiving grooming products on December 25th. I know I look forward to replenishing the shelves with things to make me look and smell good when the new year suddenly arrives, but it can be difficult to find those gifts that will really make you stand out on the big day. Luckily, Boots have a number of great choices to put you firmly on Santa’s good list for next year.

As exclusive stockists of the Ted Baker Christmas Toiletries range, Boots are well-positioned to offer a range of very good products at very competitive pricing. Rather than a single product hastily wrapped in a panic, the people of Ted Baker have completed half of the thought process for you. Each gift set is well planned and well presented; an additional gift alongside the usual product offering, setting these gifts apart from your everyday items. Within the toiletries range, Ted Baker have covered all moods with the fragrances, with the option to invigorate the senses, cool it down or freshen up.

A personal favourite of mine is the Hoxton Desk Tidy Gift Set (RRP £40); the incredible scents of the Body Washes and Body Sprays are bottled within an Art Deco-inspired print, accompanied by a very handy desk tidy. Personally, I’ll be using this to tidy up my very, very messy bathroom collection and the unmistakably smart Ted Baker branding makes this gift a thought rather than just an afterthought.

In a similar vein, the Aldwich Mirror Gift Set (RRP £16) doesn’t just give you a fresh, invigorating eucalyptus Hair and Body Wash to start your day the Ted way; you also get some very handy travel-sized tools to do your hair afterwards; something which I (slightly ashamedly) take more time doing than my actual shower routine. The travel-friendly mirror is a great thing to pack when you’re on the go and in need for that two-minute follicle fix, looking very smart in a Herringbone print finish; only available over the Christmas period.

Finally, the Ted Baker Primrose Hill Key Holder (RRP £20) is a great way to keep your loose keys in check while they sit in your suit pocket. It’s such a smart alternative to a typical keyring and will stop that annoying orchestra you get in your pocket every time the keys move around. The refreshing and invigorating body spray and hair & body wash will also ensure you smell good as well as look good.

If, like 99% of the British population, you are determined to get your loved one a grooming gift this Christmas, then I highly recommend checking out the Ted Baker gift sets exclusive to Boots. I have linked the items and their prices below; all come pre-packaged and are ridiculously easy to wrap, meaning that even I can negotiate the big day with my clumsy covering skills. If you want to be the one getting the praise as the man in your life unwraps the gift, Ted has your back on this one.


Ted Baker Hoxton Desk Tidy Gift Set – £40
Ted Baker Primrose Hill Key Holder– £20
Ted Baker Limited Edition Aldwich Mirror Set – £16
All available exclusively at Boots and included in the 3 for 2 offer (at time of writing) 

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