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When you have a classic fragrance that is steeped in history, tradition and expert craftmanship, there is little reason to reinvent the wheel. The original fragrance from Aramis released in 1965 has certainly endured the test of time; iconic key notes that have transcended the five decades and the changing tastes and styles of what defines masculinity. It comes as no surprise then, that the new Aramis Modern Leather borrows a lot from the classic interpretation of an elegant and luxury fragrance, albeit wrapped in the finest leather. Building from the ground up, there is a lot of depth within a very clean, simple bottle.

Let’s start with the bottle. It’s a first impression of a fragrance; the only tangible element of an otherwise purely liquid product. With Modern Leather, Aramis haven’t steered too far away from the 1965 classic. The amber-coloured fragrance sits inside clear glass like a pot of well-scented honey and a gold cap is the only extravagance and nod to a more modern scent. Inside, the top notes of basil and thyme lift up a heavy scent, giving way to a floral heart. Think of a slightly more cultured and culinary gentleman; less weight and more flavour on that initial breath in. The man who can cook up a storm and is au fait with buying his significant other a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

That’s not to say that Aramis Modern Leather still doesn’t pack that all important proverbial punch. As the name suggest, leather is indeed the star of the show. Like a pair of well-sewn driving gloves or that antique leather sofa sat in a cigar lounge, the leather and oak moss base is the stalwart of the scent. While it won’t sit with you for five decades, it certainly leaves an excellent lasting impression with a richness on par with the Aramis history. It is the perfect darker balance to the lighter notes and is strong enough to be worn throughout the coming autumn and winter months. One spray for the day, a couple more if it’s dinner and drinks with friends in the evening. As versatile as the modern gentleman should be himself.

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