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Dorco Classic Razor Dorco Classic Razor Dorco Classic Razor Dorco Classic Razor Dorco Classic Razor Dorco Classic Razor Dorco Classic Razor Dorco Classic Razor Dorco Classic Razor

I’ll let you into a little secret… even though I have half-decent coverage on my jaw and a decent amount of foliage on my head, I have a real phobia of hair. Body hair to be exact. While there are certain regions that remain untouched or merely manicured, I am constantly fighting back against the elements when it comes to keeping my torso, chest and back bare. While the latter requires copious amounts of wax or hair removal cream, I’ll often choose to shave my chest, which always comes with its own issues.

First up, the blades. Now, while every razor comes fresh out of the packaging carrying more cutting power than a samurai sword, there is an inevitability about blunting that steel. Needing to shave at least twice a week, the blades become dull very quickly and, despite a practiced hand, some razors just will not cut it.

My second issue, and this is a real gripe, is replacing said blades. Sure, every so often I’ll remember to add new ones to my shopping basket (online or offline) but I will usually forget or genuinely not have the time or money to really think about doing it. Cue a begrudging habit of hacking at my chest with blunt blades and turning my bathroom floor into that scene from Psycho.

The solution for this follicle nightmare? Subscription boxes. Gone are the days of physically shopping for a razor and blades; come August of this year, you can literally have new handles and blades delivered to your door. The only real effort on my part is tearing open the box and replacing the razor head. Even I am not that lazy. Straying away from stealing Katie’s collection of razors, in my current arsenal is this Dorco Classic razor; a beautifully simple razor which hides a lot of very useful technology. With more than 60 years of razor-making skills under their belts, the team at Dorco certainly know what they are doing.

Let me give you the lowdown on why I like the simplicity of this razor. First up, the blade count and blade sizing. Simple physics will tell you that if you have more blades that are closer together, then there is less chance of splitting the skin. Smoother is always going to be better, especially when you are time poor, and the Argan Oil and Calendula lubricating strip on each blade minimises skin irritation while also helping to heal the skin should you have a razor hand shakier than that of Sweeney Todd. Speaking of hands, the Dorco Classic handle is classically designed, yes, but the ergonomic shape means it is a doddle to navigate around your face or chest(or arms/legs if you are that way inclined).

While I will never endorse a miracle product, after starting to use this Dorco Classic razor I can’t actually recall involuntarily giving blood within my bathroom and have noticed a real lack of irritation on usually bumpy skin. The best part, for me at least, is that with their subscription service being launched in August, I will never have an excuse to revert back to my old ways of using a blunt instrument. Dorco did all of the work in their initial design and will keep doing the work in delivering the fresh new blade heads. Win win.

If you want to be part of the #ImWithDorco movement, you can get 20% off the Dorco Classic razor up until 31st July 2017 with the code GENT20.

This post was written in collaboration with Dorco. All views are my own.

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