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Knowing MCM from their incredible ability to craft some of the best leather goods in the world, it didn’t take much persuasion to head across the Channel for their exclusive launch of the new Infinite Collection; their first foray into the world of luxury fragrances. A collaboration with world-renowned perfumer Jerôme di Marino, it features three unique and artisanal unisex scents; something fairly unique to the fragrance world.

As a brand with a global reach, it seems that Mr di Marino and the design team had a clear objective when they selected the key scents of Orris, Incense and White Tea – each being inspired by the diverse signature flavours of various countries that are part of their global portfolio. Pair that with perfectly executed packaging and the entire experience is most definitely MCM, albeit on a slightly more subtle level. You won’t find a plethora of monogrammed stamps here; it is more about those smaller details (including the beautiful travel pouch – or pochette – that is almost a piece of art in itself). The bottles feel sturdy and have a real weight to them, but the finishes of gold and well-bevelled edges keep things perfectly balanced in that ‘unisex’ category.

As I was gifted a bottle of the White Tea to wear for the event, lets start with that; a delicate fusion of herbals, florals and woods. There is definitely a presence of the tea leaves, with a punch of lime and mint that sit on top the unmistakable notes of sandalwood and white musk. It was incredibly complex and the long-lasting tones of sandalwood and musk were a personal favourite.

For the other two fragrances, I would need to wait until we had entered the venue for the night; a sensory experience at the infamous Lapérouse on the banks of the Seine. I had never really heard of Orris before, but the Orris Water fragrance had a distinctly Mediterranean aroma. Orris is the basis for many gins and so it is probably the best way to metaphorically explain the hints of floral extract, peppermint, mandarin, coumarin and musk that all lie within the fragrance. Again, a pleasure to explore.

Finally, and by no means my least favourite of the fragrances, a scent with a bit of a kick to it. Incense Water is a great balance between florals and spice; sparkling grapefruit and lemon top notes cut with the punch of pink peppercorn before giving way to the lasting tones of incense and white musk. It has a little more fire to it and is definitely a great alternative to the subtler tones of White Tea and Orris Water.

The MCM Infinite Collection is definitely worth checking out, whether you are an existing fan of the MCM brand, or not. If you want something a little different, these three fragrances all offer their own unique scent, and the packaging alone is most definitely worth the investment. RRP is £95 and you can shop the collection here.

This post was written in collaboration with MCM Worldwide. All views and opinions expressed are my own.

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