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I have been a fan of The White Company for years. If I had my own way, and I hope to eventually, my crowning achievement would be to decorate my future house/palace entirely from The White Company‘s monochromatic catalogue. Minimalism and cleanliness always has a place in my heart, so it was naturally a go-to option for treating my loved one to a relaxing evening ahead of Valentine’s Day. Cue the bubbles.

Starting with the basics, any relaxing setting needs to smell good. Valentine’s Day is all about romance and pampering, so this Rose Candle is a great way to set the mood. In addition to channeling the floral essence of love, the white porcelain holder (complete with lid) creates a delicate gift that looks great on any bath or mantelpiece. With 42 hours’ burn time, it also matches the stamina of some of the best candles out there, albeit without the hefty price tag.

While the bubbles may complete the aesthetics of any bathtime scene, there is real value in properly treating your loved one to a relaxing time in the water. This Spa Restore Muscle Soothing Luxury Bath Soak  won’t overpower then with aroma; instead the eucalyptus and geranium work together to subtly soothe tired muscles. Keeping it dry, along with the candle, this Wooden Bath Tidy adds that luxurious finishing touch.

Speaking of subtle, and especially important now that we seem to live our lives predominantly online, there is a real romance in curating and printing some of your favourite moments with your loved one. A Silver 3×3″ Hinged Photo Frame does the trick in showing off that extra level of thought. It is almost small enough to fit in a pocket, but looks very at home perched on the edge of that bath…and yes, it is also a very convenient size for printing those moments in square form from your Instagram feed.

Post-soak, and hopefully fully relaxed, there is nothing better than putting on a fresh bathrobe; especially if it’s a Velour Robe. Forget overly fluffy and oversized, the short cut on this robe is very flattering and the fabric is also unbelievably soft. Coupled with a pair of Feather Pom Pom Ballet Slippers (treat her like a princess etc. etc.) it is the perfect way to wrap up a relaxing experience. Pure comfort and luxury.

Brownie points are there to be earned around Valentine’s Day, and sometimes it is the more thoughtful options that catch her eye. Creating an experience around gifts is a great way to add that extra level of thought and show her that you really do care. If you can keep the experience looking clean and feeling calm then you really are on to a winner. Just make sure you buy a robe that is big enough for you to steal and wear too. I promise you will want to.

Shot on location in the Lowdnes Suite at The Park Tower Knightsbridge.

This post was written in collaboration with The White Company. All views and opinions are my own.

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