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Whilst I will religiously change my wardrobe every season (sometimes even every month), I would be the first to admit that my grooming tools are rarely updated. When Panasonic gave me the opportunity to test drive a few of their new products, I was more than happy to oblige. The hair trimmer I had been using for years was starting to work intermittently and, perhaps more ominously, had developed a habit of changing lengths on the guard mid-cut. When 10mm unexpectedly becomes 1mm, you have a very real problem.

First stop was a trip to Panasonic HQ. I had a haircut booked in with barber-to-the-stars Daniel Johnson. He has a client list that would make any football fan envious and, while I wouldn’t be going for the Rooney finish any time soon, it was a pleasant surprise getting someone new to advise me on my hair. You can check out the video below, but I was more than happy with the finished article and it was interesting to see him use a whole arsenal of Panasonic’s grooming range to get the desired finish. It’s the first time I’ve had an electric shaver on my neck to get rid of the dreaded wolf hair!

After my trip down to the Home Counties, Panasonic sent me on my way with the new Panasonic ER-GB80 to practice my manscaping talents. With an ergonomic and weighty design, the trimmer immediately felt more sturdy and reliable than the slightly ancient predecessor that was gathering dust on the sink. More importantly, for me at least, the trimmer comes with three interchangeable attachments which properly lock in place thanks to an intelligent dial system. It can go from the almost molecular task of trimming chest hair, to finishing off any haircut. Reliable and versatile. Tick and tick.

The sharp stainless steel blades provide a close and even trim and, even with 39 different settings, it was a breeze changing between lengths. Once I was done, the ER-GB80 provided yet another trick; a 100% washable body. Not only does this mean that the trimmer can be used in the shower, it  means it can properly be cleaned after use. No more stray hairs inconveniently populating the bathroom floor. You simply let it dry off and pop it back in the handy travel case that comes with it. Any man is capable of doing that.

If you are on the lookout for a new grooming tool that can tame any beard, this could be a great choice for you. Equally, it is a very useful tool for that awkward period between monthly or fortnightly haircuts (we all know that feeling. In the long term, I’m hoping that the ER-GB80 will be a valuable addition to my grooming cabinet and I feel more than confident in my own ability to master the art of follicle topiary. Not that I’ll ever be as talented as Daniel Johnson though.


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