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Call me cliché, or perhaps opportunistic, but I will take advantage of any beachfront sunset to showcase a new outfit. The mercury has indeed dropped considerably back here in the UK and autumn has almost given up, but if you are heading abroad or fancy adding some colour to your layers then River Island Man could offer you a few great choices.

In this instance, River Island’s Navy Hawaiian Print Shirt is an absolute steal. It has just been reduced in the sale and would work perfectly in either the sun or the rain. The muted Hawaiian print doesn’t shout too loudly when you’re on holiday and I’ll happily chuck on a leather jacket when I wear this in the UK. Layering doesn’t need to mean boring, after all.

Weather permitting, these Black Skinny Fit Denim Shorts are the ideal pairing. I find blue denim shorts to be a bit hit and miss, whereas black definitely has a smarter quality about it. Of course, I’ll happily switch these out for a pair of black skinny jeans back here in the UK.

On my feet,and to finish, an absolute staple during my time in Mauritius. These Stone Suede Weave Loafers from Next Menswear are great for any hot climate and the weave allows plenty of airflow to your toes. The softened material also moulds to your feet and these loafers look fairly smart with a shirt. Win win.


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