Rovos Rail Durban Safari | Part Three

img_3005 img_3009 img_3012 img_3048 img_3053 img_3077 img_3072 img_3225 img_3096 img_3627 img_3611 img_3620 Rovos Rail Durban Safari Part Three

You know those experiences that last only a few days, yet provide memories that seem to last an eternity? Well, I can safely say that Rovos Rail gives you that feeling. As we woke on Sunday, our final day, it was incredible to think that we had only been onboard the Pride of Africa for less than 48 hours. With a good few hundred kilometres traversed, our sights turned to Durban; on the horizon and almost within reach.

The timetable kicked off in a slightly more relaxed manner than the day before. With no animals to proverbially hunt, all attention was on the breakfast. Once again, mountains of food greeted tired eyes, with fruits and pastries accompanied by a very comprehensive egg and hot food menu. Being a creature of habit, it was the scrambled variety for me; the best way to fuel up for the day ahead.

As 10am arrived, it was time for a trip to the world famous Ardmore Ceramics Gallery. Rows upon rows of impressive ceramic art were housed in a shop, along with the most adorable (tiny) Daschund puppy. Every time your eyes perused the aisles of vases and sculptures, they would quickly dart to the floor when you heard the sound on four miniature scampering feet. Outside, we were even more impressed by a number of thoroughbred horses housed in the stables. What a place to live.

After wolfing down the most generous portion of typically-British morning tea, it was time to board the train for one last time. The main course of our last lunch consisted of a delicious roasted duck breast served with potato and mixed vegetables. Cooked perfectly, with that little hint of pink on the inside, it almost exploded with flavour. After a course of the obligatory cheese and red wine, we finished with a poached pear dessert. Rolling through the hills towards Durban, our emotions were mixture of both excitement and sadness. Our trip on Rovos Rail had indeed come to an end, but Cape Town awaited us the next day.


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