LIMA Floral

LIMA Floral Peruvian Restaurant London Lunch

LIMA Floral Peruvian Restaurant London Lunch

LIMA Floral Peruvian Restaurant London Lunch

LIMA Floral Shrimps

LIMA Floral Shrimps

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LIMA Floral Octopus

LIMA Floral pisco sours

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Forget flying across the Atlantic and trekking high-altitude miles to get an authentic taste of Peru, you can find it just a few tube stops away, nestled quietly in the back streets of Covent Garden. LIMA Floral is the ideal restaurant in which to while away the summer hours with friends, sipping pisco sours and tasting the delights from the gastronomic capital of the Americas.

Sitting down al fresco at 2pm let us take advantage of a generous offer; £15 for a pisco-based cocktail and two Piqueos (Peruvian Tapas). The Lady opted for a Braised Octopus, Botija Olive and Chorizo Salad and, whilst my own aversion to fish kept me well clear, it was art on a plate. A blast of colour finished off with a delicate leaf salad. Keeping with the seafood theme, her second dish was the equally photogenic Andean Cereal Crust King Prawns with Sweet Chilli Pepper Jam, served on a bed of vegetable crisps. Never has my unfortunate fish allergy been so debilitating!

Fortunately, my choice of Beef Empanada, Spring Onion, Red Peppers and Yellow Chilli Sauce was enlightened to say the least. Strong beef flavours worked so well with the chilli sauce and the whole dish had a rather sweet taste to it; almost dessert-like. The second dish that look equally as appealing on paper was the Pork Chicharron Bun, served with Sweet Potato, Rocoto Pepper and Gem Lettuce on a bed of Vegetable Crisps. I’m not sure that the Peruvians are renowned for their burgers but their neighbours (or is it neighbors?) up north should take note; this dish exploded with flavour. The smoked pork and sweet potato in particular packed a real punch and the slightly crispy bun kept it all together.

As we enjoyed the milder climate that spring afforded us, one pisco sour turned into two, which then inevitably turned into four as we entered the 4pm 2 for 1 Happy Hour. It was a great way to spend a sunny Saturday afternoon and if you want to be transported to South America without the hefty price of a plane ticket or the need for a passport then you should seriously considering visit LIMA Floral.


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