City Slicking with REISS

Easter is now over and we find ourselves hurtling towards the summer months. The days may be getting brighter and longer but one thing remains constant; my diary continues to be filled with coffees and brunches. London is a great place to live, but getting from A to B with a blogger’s wardrobe still presents its own challenges. Trying to do it in style presents a whole other challenge entirely.

Stepping up to the plate is REISS. More famous for their incredible collection of menswear, they have also teamed up heritage travel accessory company SteamLine Luggage to produce this excellent Wayfarer Black Wheeled Suitcase. The traditional styling is reflected in the build quality; it feels like an accessory that would, and should, last through the ages. The wheels are well-suited for traversing modern streets and feel solid, as does the adjustable handle which, as a rarity, actually extends far enough to walk comfortably with for a good few miles. The capacity is designed for weekend vacations and so is more than spacious enough to hold all of my daily blogging essentials.

My outfit for the day was also from REISS. This pair of Wallace White Slim-Fit Jeans will certainly be an important part of the summer wardrobe and compliment lighter shades well; paired with this Blue Mens Shirt it is the perfect way to travel on a warmer day. Striding across London with confidence against a backdrop of concrete, glass and steel, it was finally time to put that coat away and wave goodbye to winter. Anyone else ready for summer yet?


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