The District Boracay

If the view is a deciding factor in your choice of hotel on Boracay Island, then The District Boracay offers you a front row seat. Perched on White Beach at the slightly more lively Station 2, there is ample opportunity to *ahem* lap up the the turquoise waves as they move across the fine white sand.

Modern and chic is the order of the day; crisp, clean white interiors greet you from the moment you enter a glass-doored reception that overlooks the beach. With the obligatory welcome cocktail and cold towel in hand, a stroll through the courtyard pool helps you get your bearings. The first floor and top deck is reserved for the hotel restaurant and bar, with the rooms tucked away from the main strip to ensure a good night’s sleep.

Our room for the stay was incredibly clean and modern. The bed itself was a new level of comfortable and, with an early start on each day, it was a little difficult to be the early bird. With a separate en-suite toilet and shower, and plenty of storage, the layout was smart as a well as sophisticated. Every finishing touch was of the highest quality.

During our stay, we were also lucky enough to check out a few other rooms that the hotel had to offer. If your budget allows it, the duplex Premier Suite is more akin to a villa than a hotel room. A separate living and sleeping area makes the space feel palatial and is most definitely luxury at its best.

For food and drink, the on-site restaurant served up a wide variety of foods each morning for breakfast. Breads, meats, eggs and fruits all contribute to a balanced diet that never leaves you wanting for more. Climbing a set of stairs to the top floor, you find yourself in the even more impressive al fresco bar. With views over the Pacific Ocean and along the beach as far as the eye can see, it’s a great spot to grab a drink as the sun goes down, hovering over the sounds below. If there was ever a spot for the discerning gentleman to sip on a fruity cocktail complete with umbrella, this is most definitely it.


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