Pause, Relax and USPAAH

London is a very busy place and I am (sometimes) a very busy person. Outside of work, and admittedly some play, I rarely find enough quality time to just pause, relax and recover. When I heard about USPAAH, the high end, on-demand mobile spa service in London, I was intrigued. Could I finally have the time to actually fit in an hour-long massage?

After downloading the USPAAH app, I entered my details and hit search. Sure enough, there were a number of masseuses, all CRB checked and vigorously vetted, staring back at me. The app does automatically request the closest ‘SPAAHRISTA’ (see what they did there?) but if you change your mind, you can always re-request a service. This is where the beauty of USPAAH lies; it brings qualified health and beauty professionals to your doorstep within an hour of booking. No more excuses for not looking after yourself!

So, on a Sunday morning in the comfort of my own living room, I found myself in the capable hands of my USPAAH therapist, Vanessa. The massage itself was excellent; not just the quality of the work but also the care and attention taken to my needs. The hour-long session was friendly, no awkward silences and plenty of chat, and I could also really tell that Vanessa and other USPAAH therapists absolutely love their work. Everything was explained to me and I felt completely relaxed.

Fast-forward an hour and, fighting off the urge to go back to bed, it was time to say goodbye. All payments are arranged through the app, so within five minutes, the SPAAHRISTA disappears in a puff like a magic genie. All you have to do is relax. Simple.

I highly recommend trying out the USPAAH app for yourself so you can see, and feel, what all of this fuss is about. I also have a special discount code for you all to use on your first session! As long as you book before 05 November, be sure to use the code “21CGENT15” for £15 off your first treatment. The code is only valid for the first 100 users so get on the app now and give yourself some well-deserved rest and relaxation!


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