Spring Essentials

With monthly temperature records in the UK being slowly melted away over the past few days I only thought it right to welcome Spring in a proper manner. I always try to look smart no matter the occasion and I feel that this season should be no different. Introducing my Spring essentials…


Usually I would reserve a slot for a mention of accessories towards the end of my post but my Ray-Ban Wayfarer Classics are deserving of a special mention. Especially considering how much I will (hopefully) be wearing them over the next few months. Little needs to be said about such an iconic pair of sunglasses; their styling has remained unchanged for decades and for a very good reason. 


I’ll always choose a shirt over a tee in the warmer months as I feel it is less restrictive and less inclined to create the greenhouse effect in unwanted areas. It is all about basics here; a smart shirt with bold colour, cotton and loose. Zara’s white waffle shirt does the job perfectly.

On my bottom half, this pair of River Island shorts is the perfect option for spending hours lazing around in the sunshine. They are fairly muted in colour which means they won’t overshadow any other pieces in an outfit and feel very hard-wearing so you’ll have less fear about sitting on damp grass or spilling an ice-cream in your lap. The quirky detail is also very apt for any fashion and lifestyle blogger.

So that’s me; fully prepped and ready for the best that the British weather has to throw at me. The days are getting longer and the layers are coming off. It also means more room in the wardrobe too.

Shorts – River Island // Shirt – Zara // Sunglasses – Ray-Ban // Flip Flops – Havaianas

What is the first thing to make an appearance from your Spring wardrobe every year?


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  1. May 9, 2015 / 11:14 pm

    Very summer 🌞
    You guys are welcome to share some of that dun with us here in New York lol

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