The Crown Joules

As much as I love the city, sometimes you need a few hours
away from the steel, concrete and glass that seems to rise higher and higher
into the sky as each year passes. Nothing can beat a gentle stroll into the
woods and I’m lucky enough to live on the fringes of Hampstead Heath; a snippet
of greenery in the heart of suburbia. Of course, it is always good to dress the
part too.

In true British
fashion, Joules clothing have a great range of outdoor menswear to suit most occasions
with traditional tailoring and heritage colours both cornerstones of their brand. This
Denholm Men’s Quilted Coat is no exception. It is incredibly comfortable and
has a waxy water-repellent finish to keep you dry during those wetter months.
It goes without saying that it is also incredibly stylish. I’ve yet to see a
rural catwalk in the heart of Dartmoor but I’d be pushing for this to be the
statement piece if this was ever to happen. Finished with a hound-print lining,
you won’t mind spending hours getting stuck in the mud when you feel this good.

Under the jacket I wore my Merino Jumper from All Saints.
It is soft, thin enough to breathe in, and yet warm enough to wear alone when the sun
does eventually shine. This jumper has definitely become one of my staple pieces at the moment.

I completed the outfit with a pair of light denim jeans from
Zara and my trusty boots, opting for utility rather than anything too fancy. With the weather being stereotypically British I did have an umbrella to hand, although this became more of an amusement to me than being used in any normal way (and no, I didn’t catch the umbrella in the shot below and casually swagger off into the distance).

Men’s Quilted Coat – Joules // Merino Jumper – All Saints // Jeans – Zara // Boots – Hunter

Do you have woodland near you? What are your favourite pieces to wear when you’re out exploring rural environments?


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