Bluebeard’s Revenge

I recently felt slightly aggrieved when I learned that some believe the beard may be on the way out. As a huge fan of the short beard, I am attached to my facial hair to say the least. However, as with any topiary, keeping it under control can be a nightmare. Luckily, the hair gurus at Bluebeard’s Revenge have a fantastic range of products to address any follicle faults.

Their signature Shaving Cream is great for sculpting those all-important boundaries into the beard. Not only does it visibly prevent bloody injuries or razor burn, it has a great calming effect and contains active ingredients that actually help inhibit hair growth. Much less painful than using tweezers (not advised).

Combined with the Bluebeard Shavette (read: cutthroat razor), trimming the beard becomes a surprisingly enjoyable experience. Finish the ritual with a few squeezes of the Cooling Moisturiser and treat your skin to a decent shaving experience.

Beard or no beard, what are your thoughts on facial hair?

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