The Gentleman’s Guide to Valentine’s Dining

Judgement Day is almost upon us, Gentlemen.

Those dozen kisses per day. The “I love you”. That door you always open for her…all forgotten. All void. Saturday 14th February  is the only day that matters.

Well, that’s what the big corporations want us to think anyway.

Every Lady does deserve to be spoiled on this one day of the year, and to mark the occasion I have compiled my top five romantic restaurants that can be found in London. I’ve made it short enough so that if you still haven’t booked anything for the day come Friday at 9pm, and you are reading this, there could still be hope.*

*Disclaimer: if you have left it this late then next year plan ahead. These restaurants are highly sought after and are probably fully booked. 

5. Opera Tavern

A stone’s throw from the theatres of Covent Garden, Opera Tavern is an inconspicuous
restaurant that sits inside a former pub (hence the name). The atmosphere is cosy
and so is the food. A blend of Spanish and Italian tapas, it is all about
sharing. Although I suggest you avoid ordering the Oxtail or famous Scotch Egg
as these are a little more difficult, and far too tasty, to share.

4. Bob Bob Ricard

Most restaurants will showcase their culinary skills and Bob Bob Ricard is no exception. However, it could be argued that the exquisite décor of this fine establishment is enough to woo any potential suitor or long-term partner. Throw in a “Press for Champagne” button and the restaurant truly becomes the ultimate wingman.

3. Momo

I would usually avoid Regent Street at all costs but tucked
away through the hustle and bustle you can find Momo restaurant. Marrakesh is
only a three-and-a-half hour flight away, but you’ll find similar comforts much
closer to home. Head inside for a low-lit intimate atmosphere. Get equally
intimate with the Wood Pidgeon Pastille or the Lamb Shoulder dishes whilst you’re
at it and impress your significant other with these exceptional choices.

2. Claude’s Kitchen

Fancy yourself as a gambler? Claude’s Kitchen is a safe bet, but you are
never sure what surprises the chef might produce on the day. The menu is
ever-changing but the plaudits remain a constant. Check out the reviews from
any of the city’s top food critics to get a flavour of what to expect. If you’re
banking on set menus and a fairly uninteresting date then head somewhere else.

1. Clos Maggiore

I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel here and it may be
unfair to include an establishment like Clos Maggiore that’s always seems to be at 110% capacity
on this last-minute list. However, if you can get a couple of seats for the big
day, then do. Alternatively, offer to stand. Cosy rooms are adorned with great
decoration and the food is truly wonderful. If you really want to impress
though, I would advise booking, or begging, for a table in the conservatory. Aphrodite
herself would definitely have been a regular here.

Where are your go to places for Valentine’s Day in the city? Or where in the world would you choose?


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