Looking Sharp at the Barbers

As some of you may know, one of my resolutions in 2015 is to keep on top of the finer details in life. I’ve never felt fully committed to regular grooming and wardrobe updates and as the guys at Sharps Barbers rightly put it, “maintenance matters”. As part of this resolution, I now visit this barber shop, nestled in the basement of Covent Garden’s Ben Sherman store, every two weeks in order to try and cultivate the foliage that sits on top of my head.

Did I mention that this place is really cool? Before you even sit down for the formalities, you definitely need to check out the decor. The traditional interior and tools add a touch of class, with the red-and-white barber’s pole greeting you as you enter the shop (blood-letting is optional of course…)

The staff are exceptionally friendly and not afraid to tell you if your dreams of having that must-have hairstyle are far-fetched. I was quickly informed that it would be at least three months before I would have enough well-cut hair to really work with!

I’m probably not alone in saying that I am something of a barbershop connoisseur. Through boredom, travel and other circumstances, the average male probably has a back catalogue of barbers and hairdressers and may even still be desperate to find the perfect match. Consistency seems to be the key but this place is definitely worth a visit; it’s as much about advice as the service (both being excellent).

Below are the products that I now use on my hair and they come highly recommended from both myself and the Sharps team.

D:fi Volume Powder – use on dry hair, evenly sprinkle the powder close to the scalp for added lift and volume.

American Crew Forming Cream – using a pea-sized drop of this cream, this product is ideal for ‘setting’ a hairstyle. Lightly apply to the top of dry hair, avoid using on the roots. Very strong hold.

Within the half hour we had the finished article. I had also been talked through the correct products to use and even shown how to correctly use a hairdryer…aged 25. 

A hot towel on the face, and I was ready to go! 

Every barbershop is different, but there is something unique about the experience at Sharps Barbers. You feel like the staff really care and there is a novelty in having your hair cut within a Ben Sherman store. The only real downside? If you have a full wallet and an inability to walk with your eyes closed, then negotiating the Ben Sherman garments without an impulse purchase can be a tad difficult.

I’d love to know what makes a ‘good haircut’ in your opinion and if there are any resolutions that you have for 2015?


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